Garnalex continues to invest and expand amidst Covid-19 crisis

Despite lockdown and economic uncertainty, Garnalex has continued to invest in its innovative new aluminium window and door systems. The company is on track and launching Sheerline Classic, its revolutionary beadless aluminium window system in July. This will be quickly followed by the launch of Sheerline’s Prestige window and door system at the end of the Summer.

The latest investment in Sheerline includes an integrated 85,000 ft 2 assembly line, warehouse, and control centre. The company has also expanded its fleet of Combilift forklift trucks which, together with the bespoke GarnerSys software operational management system, ensures maximum efficiency in its factories, warehousing, and logistics. This gives better service levels and reliability for customers.
Strengthening the team, Garnalex has also welcomed industry veteran, Tony Basile who will work alongside Paul Greenaway as Sheerline Technical Sales Managers. They will be responsible for driving sales by giving customers active technical assistance and support in setting up Sheerline fabrication.

Commenting on the recent investment, Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn said:
“The Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest challenge the UK has faced since World War Two. But in the face of adversity we’ve continued to invest and press on with the launch of Sheerline and the opening of a large new factory assembly, warehousing, and control facility, and invested in two new, additional Combilift forklifts. We’ve put our foot to the floor to keep Sheerline Classic on track for launch this month. All the price matrixes, sales aids, samples, showroom, sales literature, video training suite, and technical guides are ready, and many of these break new ground too. Our new website will launch later in July.

Last, but not least, we’ve expanded our expert team. I’m delighted to welcome Tony Basile and Paul Greenaway to the newly-created roles of Technical Sales Managers. Both Tony and Paul have extensive industry experience and contacts, and they will be instrumental in signing up new fabricators and getting them started with Sheerline Classic. Sheerline systems are unique in incorporating many innovations and radically new ways of fabrication, assembly, and installation. So, to reflect that different focus we’ve taken an integrated approach to sales and support, with technical experts giving customers real support, rather than just the hard sell. We’ll be expanding our range with the launch of Sheerline Prestige later in the year, and to say we’re excited and optimistic about the future would be an understatement!”

Learn more about Sheerline Classic by calling O1332 883 960 and visiting . Follow @SheerlineSystem and @GarnalexSystems.

Sheerline Classic: designed to help fabricators grow

Covid-19 has changed everyday lives beyond measure. Maybe we could have been more alert or better prepared but, as in most countries, the crisis came out of the blue and caught us by surprise. The economy is starting to recover, and I’m confident and optimistic about the industry and Garnalex. We’re likely to see a surge in home improvements after lockdown as people are motivated to make their properties more comfortable and attractive. The predicted downturn in the housing market may also encourage people to ‘improve, not move’. No doubt it will be a tougher, more competitive market and ambitious fabricators and installers will be looking for an edge to help them rebuild their businesses. They’ll be looking for new products that save time, labour, and hassle, with extra kerb appeal to help them grow.

At the time of writing, Garnalex is easing out of lockdown and the industry is returning to life. Garnalex is producing trade extrusions, and from mid-June selected fabricators will be fabricating our innovative Sheerline ® Classic aluminium window system. We’ll have a full launch later this year.

Transforming your experience of aluminium:
Despite my PVC background, I’m a convert to aluminium, the material, and its design possibilities. When COVID-19 has receded, homeowners will still be concerned about sustainability, where aluminium scores highly. It’s one of the most recycled – and recyclable – materials on the planet, with nearly 75% of all the aluminium produced still in use today. When I first looked at aluminium systems, I could see many things we could improve. Apart from thermal performance, I was surprised at the lack of significant product development and innovation since the 1980s. In contrast, PVC-U and timber have both markedly improved their looks and performance. Listening to former customers’ experience of aluminium suppliers’ service whetted my interest. They said if I were to improve the design and offer the same service as PVC systems companies, the aluminium market would be transformed.

We formed Garnalex in 2018, investing significantly in a state-of-the-art aluminium extrusion factory – probably the most advanced in the UK. We manufacture every aluminium and moulded component, giving us much more control over quality and service. Made in Britain, means we have a more robust supply chain and fewer carbon miles to travel. We developed GarnerSys, a bespoke software management system to fully integrate everything from ordering, manufacturing, quality control and deliveries and put outstanding quality and customer service at the core of our business. Our designers and top technical experts researched every aspect of today’s aluminium windows and doors, from fabrication, installation, looks and performance, to identify and solve the shortcomings of existing aluminium systems. With no legacy problems to limit them, the team designed a new system from scratch, incorporating several innovations to create outstanding windows and doors. Engineered for performance and looks Sheerline ® is engineered to be easy and faster to fabricate, and easy to install. For example, its patented corner construction brings profiles together in a controlled and precise manner to form a right-first-time mitre joint, avoiding costly scrap, misalignments, and unsightly junctions of square cut beads often seen on ordinary aluminium windows.

It also securely locks the glass away within a completely sealed unit and eliminates the need for separate glazing beads. Coupled with our high security multipoint locking and unique hinge protectors, it creates unparalleled security. Sheerline Classic recently passed PAS24:2016 enhanced security accreditation tests by more than three times the required load. Sheerline’s innovative design helps fabricators working to social distancing guidelines. After cutting and prepping, a single worker can fabricate a Sheerline window fully glazed at one bench. Installers also reduce the amount of suppliers they need to visit as the frames come fully glazed.

Outstanding thermal performance:
Various surveys show cutting energy bills is one of the top priorities for homeowners buying new windows. Using Thermavic ® , we developed a patented multi-chambered thermal break at the heart of Sheerline windows and doors. It gives outstanding energy performance with U-Values as low as 1.4 W/(m 2 K) for double glazed windows.

Peerless aesthetics:
Today’s homeowners want it all: outstanding thermal, weather, and security performance, plus beautiful looks without compromise. So, we’ve designed Sheerline to be a beautiful window. Sheerline Classic has ultra-slim 59mm profiles to maximise natural light, equal sightlines, and a contemporary architectural look. Narrow mullions and concealed drainage also contribute to clean, balanced lines. Homeowners want windows that reflect their personal style, so we’ve designed Sheerline windows in a choice of two opening sash styles: ‘Stepped’ – inspired by traditional steel windows – and ‘Contemporary’ with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Both styles come in a standard outer frame or a ‘Flush’ option that brings both the outer-frame and the sash perfectly in-line with each other. Making everything in the UK also lets us offer short, reliable lead times and outstanding service in a wide range of colours from stock.

If your sales could do with an edge to give you a boost, ask about the full launch later this year. Learn more at and follow @SheerlineSystem.

Garnalex is aluminium, but not as you know it

Although Garnalex is a new name, our story, heritage and people have strong links with the window industry and the Amber Valley in Derbyshire. Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn is best known for founding and then selling two leading PVC-U systems companies Eurocell PLC and Liniar systems, which have contributed strongly to the market, and to the growth of employment and success in the local community. Many of Garnalex’ team of industry experts have worked with Roger helping him build one or both of these companies.

Garnalex also shares its heritage with LB Plastics. Our state-of-the-art factory is at the Firs Works in Nether Heage, originally owned by Lichfield Brothers, the founders of LB Plastics. LB became the first British PVC-U systems company when Anglian Windows asked it to manufacture PVC-U extruded window profiles for them. Garnalex Technical Product Director, Dave Watts started his career in windows at LB in 1982.

In 1974, former employees of LB Plastics set up a new company, HL Plastics, and in 1977, Roger Hartshorn joined as an apprentice toolmaker. By 1988, Roger was part of a management buy-out and in the early 1990s his team launched Eurocell, with a popular roofline fascia and soffits range, and in 1993 with the Eurocell Ultimate 70mm PVC-U window system. The company grew and now Eurocell is a publicly listed company and one of the largest, most successful PVC-U systems houses in the UK employing over 1,000 people. Roger left Eurocell in 2005. He bought back the trade extruder HL Plastics and set up Flamstead Holdings in Denby, launching Liniar systems in 2008. Liniar was one of the fastest growing systems companies in the UK and another leading PVC-U systems companies. Roger sold it to the Quanex Corporation in 2015, staying on for three years until he left in 2018. He then set up a new group, Garner Holdings, Garnalex, an aluminium extruder and launched the Sheerline window and door system. Roger bought Firs Works and LB Plastics to make plastic components, mouldings and ancillaries for trade customers and Garnalex’ own systems.

Like a lot of the industry, Roger had fallen for aluminium and its potential. Garnalex made an immediate splash when it launched in 2018 with its vision to transform fabricators’ and Garnalex article for Vision June 2020 installers’ experience of buying, manufacturing, installing, and selling aluminium windows and doors.

Rich heritage of innovation and success. “It’s fitting we’ve named our new aluminium window and door system Sheerline®, in a nod to this rich heritage,” Roger Hartshorn explains. “The Sheerline name was registered by LB Plastics in 1971, and it’s the ideal brand name for this new, state-of-the-art aluminium window and door system that’s rooted in hard earned experience.”

The new system is the culmination of nearly two years’ extensive research, innovation, and product development, creating a truly innovative, ground-breaking product. Sheerline is the next-generation window and door system that’s engineered for performance, looks, ease of fabrication and installation, with service and delivery levels that fabricators would associate with the best of PVC rather than aluminium systems. Sheerline combines a series of exciting new innovations in a system that’s easier and quicker to fabricate, and easier to install. Sheerline passed PAS24:2016 security testing with outstanding results, exceeding the required load by more than three times! Its uniquely balanced, peerless aesthetics also make it a dream to sell.

Sheerline in a changing world Sheerline hits the market in June through selected fabricators, with a full launch later this year. The industry is starting back to life, under the dark shadow of the Coronavirus, and ambitious fabricators will be looking for an edge, a new product ideally suited to socially distanced work environments, that will help win business, with the added bonus of being more cost-effective to manufacture. To learn more about Sheerline and register your interest visit and follow @SheerlineSystem and @GarnalexSystems.

Profile on Garnalex for Aluminium International Today

Garnalex is an aluminium extrusion company established in March 2018. Its CEO Roger Hartshorn is best-known for founding and selling two leading PVC-U window systems companies, Eurocell Plc and Liniar systems. Commenting on the reasons behind entering the world of aluminium in such a significant way, Roger Hartshorn says: “After a lifetime in PVC, I’ve fallen for aluminium and its potential. With the changing climate we are having to prioritise sustainability and I want more people to know that aluminium is one of the most recycled – and most recyclable – materials on the planet, with nearly 75% of all the aluminium produced still in use today. I also believe that it offers higher levels of precision and greater structural strength – perfect for the higher end home improvement products today’s consumers are demanding. We set up Garnalex to release aluminium’s true potential within the fenestration industry, offering customers enhanced levels of service and support, alongside a step change in reliability of delivery.”
The most technically advanced factory for optimum efficiency, quality and service, Garnalex’ 100,000 sq ft extrusion factory in Nether Heage, Derbyshire has been designed to the highest specification, making it one of the most technically advanced aluminium extrusion facilities in the country. One of only a handful of aluminium systems companies with their own extrusion factory in the UK, Garnalex has invested in a £9 million state of the art factory to supply trade aluminium extrusions and its own window and door systems. In addition, Garnalex has invested £1.5m in its plastics mouldings operations to design and make the PVC-U components for its own fenestration systems.
With the most advanced machinery and bespoke software, investment in the factory ensures maximum efficiency, quality control and accuracy to give customers high quality products and the best service and support. For example, Garnalex’170-tonne SMS HYBREX aluminium press delivers 35 MN force to produce up to four tonnes of extruded aluminium profile an hour and uses up to 55% less energy than a traditional press, utilising the latest servomotor technology to replace many hydraulic functions. To ensure efficient production, Garnalex has also adopted high speed die changes. While best practice lean manufacturing calls for Single Minute Exchange of Dies, Garnalex’ tool changes are six times faster helping ensure faster, reliable lead times for trade customers. A series of videos give a virtual tour of the factory and show the benefits of Garnalex’ investment. The videos can be viewed at
Garnalex has also invested in its people and recruited some of the best technical and operational minds in the industry. Team members have extensive experience in their fields, from design, testing, standards and systems to operations and finance. Garnalex focuses on nurturing in-house talent and a number of staff started their careers as apprentices. Supporting the next generation of leaders in the construction industry, the company offers apprenticeship programmes for those interested in STEM subjects.
Integrated manufacturing with GarnerSys: 
The integration of manufacturing processes was a critical factor in the Garnalex factory design, and the company has developed its own bespoke software to synchronise all elements of production.  Adrian Girling, Garnalex Software Development Director explains: “We wanted to integrate ordering, production, tracking and delivery to offer the highest levels of quality, reliability and service. We quickly realised that existing software solutions would limit what we could achieve in the factory so we spent over 12 months developing GarnerSys, a bespoke management and software tracking system.” Sitting between the factory machinery and SAP, GarnerSys links everything. It shows the status of an order, where it is in the manufacturing process, how much of the order is complete, the timescale for packaging, and when the order can be loaded onto stillages and into delivery vehicles, improving efficiency and giving customers accurate lead times.
“We’ve provided every area of the business with fully-customised interfaces – on phones, machines, in Combilift and delivery truck cabs, you name it!” continues Adrian. “The software is operated via touchscreen and it’s very intuitive and easy to use. It’s been designed so quality and testing are built-in, with checks throughout the manufacturing process, not just through random spot testing at the end. All technical drawings of the tooling are on the system, and the toolroom screen for example shows the status of the dies, highlighting when they need cleaning, how long have they been in use, when they’ve due a service along with carrying a log of previous modifications. Operators can even annotate drawings live on screen. GarnerSys enables us to remove many margins for error and operate the factory more consistently and efficiently. Importantly, GarnerSys massively benefits customers by giving them better quality products, and a faster, more reliable service.”
Supporting British Manufacturing: 
With a clear focus on quality, Garnalex was recently accepted to join ‘Made in Britain’, an organisation that recognises excellence in manufacturing and promotes British-made products across all sectors. Commenting on the accreditation, CEO Roger Hartshorn says: “Garnalex is proud to invest in British manufacturing. We’re one of only a few aluminium companies to extrude in Britain and supply both trade extrusions to other companies and our own Sheerline® window and door systems to fabricators. The investment gives us full control of the supply chain, enabling us to offer shorter lead times and first-class service. Having left the EU, it’s important we reduce our reliance on imported aluminium systems and products. Currently 190,000 tons of extruded aluminium is consumed in the UK, but only 110,000 tons is made here. Our raw aluminium comes from Wales, so this is an opportunity to reduce Britain’s carbon footprint and buy British. We plan to make a big dent in those import statistics!”
Sheerline® – an innovative new aluminium window and door system. 
Over the past 18 months Garnalex’ designers and technical experts have examined every aspect of aluminium windows and doors – from how they’re fabricated, installed and sold – to develop an innovative new window and door system. The culmination of extensive research and development, Sheerline combines the latest technical innovations with beautiful, peerless aesthetics. It has been designed with aluminium fabricators and installers in mind and engineered to be easy to fabricate, install and sell. Garnalex has completed testing on the Sheerline Classic window and it is ready to launch in the UK once the current Coronavirus crisis eases.
Further information: 
Learn more about Garnalex by calling 01332 883960, visiting and following Garnalex on LinkedIn and on Twitter @GarnalexSystems  and follow @SheerlineSystem.

Visit: to track the factory’s development over the past 12months.

Q&A with Roger Hartshorn, CEO of Garnalex for Total Fabricator

Q&A with Roger Hartshorn, CEO of Garnalex for Total Fabricator

  • Roger, you’re widely known for founding the two leading PVC-U systems companies Eurocell and Liniar one after another. What prompted the move to aluminium? 

I’m immensely proud of these two companies and their contribution to the market, and the growth of employment and success in my local community, the Amber Valley in Derbyshire. Eurocell and Liniar are testaments to the level of innovation and progress in the PVC-U sector. 

Like many in the industry, I’m a convert to aluminium, the material and its possibilities. I first noticed an opportunity in aluminium when talking to friends and former customers about the shortfalls in service from their current aluminium suppliers. They said if I were to offer the same service and customer focus as PVC-U systems companies, and improve the design, it would be a game-changer for the aluminium sector. And the more I looked and thought about that and the limitations of current product designs, the more convinced I was that they were right. 

  • You have designed and built the most modern aluminium extrusions factory in the UK, it is described as state of the art, highly efficient and highly energy efficient. What does that mean, and what is different about Garnalex?

There are getting on for a hundred aluminium systems companies in the UK, but only three or four extrude here, and no one makes their own thermal breaks and PVC-U trims. My philosophy is to invest in the best machinery, tools and people to deliver the best quality and service. We’ve totally integrated ordering, manufacturing, stock management and logistics using SAP and our in-house GarnerSys software to achieve world class efficiency.

This integrated approach gives us full control of the supply chain. We didn’t want to be just an aluminium ‘stockist’ relying on bought-in components from other suppliers, and imposing their service and quality on our customers. 

  • How will customers benefit from this investment in world class manufacturing and synchronisation?

Put simply, it means better quality products, more meaningful guarantees, and a more reliable service. Designing the window and door systems and the factory and manufacturing process from the ground up means everything can be optimised, and we don’t have any legacy problems and restrictions to hold us back. GarnerSys integrates everything from ordering, production and quality control to storage and deliveries so we know exactly where a customer’s order is in the manufacturing process. For customers, this means you get what you want, when you wanted it, on time and in full, on spec and on much shorter lead times. The PVC-style friendly, approachable service comes free!

  • Tell us about Sheerline and Classic, the revolutionary new aluminium window and door system.

Sheerline Classic, our first window and door system, is the culmination of 18 months’ research and product development by some of the brightest most experienced window designers in the industry. 

When I first looked at aluminium window systems and compared them with their PVC-U counterparts, I was surprised by the relative lack of real innovation. So, with Sheerline we went back to the drawing board to design a system from scratch. We’ve looked at every aspect of aluminium windows to develop a system that’s easier and quicker to fabricate, easier to install and a dream to sell. 

Classic is ready to launch as soon as the market reopens. Product testing has been completed with spectacular results. Last month the window passed PAS24:2016 security testing by a massive margin, exceeding the required load by more than three times! 

  • What are the next steps for fabricators who want to learn more?

Fabricators who want to be among the first to make and sell Sheerline can visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest videos and updates. Our custom-built training suite is ready to welcome customers, and we hope you’ll be able to see it later this year. In the meantime, fabricators can register their interest by visiting to get our latest news and updates.

  • It would be impossible to finish without mentioning Covid-19. What is Garnalex doing to deal with the crisis and safeguard staff?

When I started this journey in 2018 I could have guessed a hundred reasons why the project might slip. But I’d never have imagined a pandemic. Most life-changing events start with something no one foresaw. We launched the first Eurocell Ultimate 70mm system in 1993, just before the worst financial crash since the 70’s. Today Eurocell is an industry flagship. 

Then, in September 2008, just after we’d ordered the tools and machinery for the Liniar window system, Lehman Brothers bank collapsed, signalling the deepest recession since the 1920s. Despite the disruption, Liniar survived and thrived to become another industry flagship. It’s still perhaps the most integrated, modern window system in the UK.

Delaying the launch of the Sheerline System was frustrating but the health and security of our staff and customers comes first. Everything is ready, and we’ll launch Sheerline Classic as soon as the Government gives the go ahead for normal business. When the market reopens, ambitious fabricators will be looking for a competitive edge, particularly new products that save time, labour, and hassles in fabricating and installing, and new products that look beautiful and win business. 

I’m confident people will want to buy British, to help rebuild a thriving economy with better security of supply and lower carbon miles. In the midst of a crisis it might sound strange to say it, but I’m optimistic about the future for Sheerline and British manufacturing. 

CEO Roger Hartshorn on Sheerline efficiency

In the middle of the pandemic, Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn explains why Sheerline will make it easier and faster to order, fabricate, install and sell aluminium windows and doors when the market reopens.People ask, why aluminium? I’ve spent my working life in windows, initially making thermal breaks for the leading aluminium systems of the 70s and 80s, before extruding for PVC-U systems companies in the 80s and 90s. We then founded, grew and sold Eurocell, and later Liniar. I’m still immensely proud of these two companies, and the employment and investment they’ve brought to my local community, Amber Valley in Derbyshire.

However, like a lot of the industry, I’m a convert to aluminium. Attraction turned into action when I listened to friends and former customers describe the poor service they experienced with aluminium suppliers, and the high material wastage in fabricating aluminium windows. If I could offer an aluminium system with the same service and support as PVC-U systems companies, they said, and improve the design it would be a roaring success. Looking with fresh eyes, I thought they were right.

I set up Garnalex and its aluminium extrusion factory – one of only four in the UK, developing GarnerSys, our bespoke software system to synchronise every element of production in this state-of-the-art factory to deliver quality products in short lead times. That means PVC lead-times, not aluminium. Most aluminium systems companies import or rely on one of these extruders for manufacture. Uniquely, we make our own range of thermal breaks and PVC-U trims too. This all-in-house approach enables Garnalex to control its supply chain, and achieve better quality, efficiency and service – backed by meaningful guarantees.

Sheerline is #AluminiumButNotAsYouKnowIt
When I looked at aluminium window systems and compared them with their PVC-U counterparts, I was surprised by their relative lack of innovation. There are reasons for that, but Sheerline started with a blank design sheet, free of the handcuffs of legacy designs or the high SKUs clutter of existing systems to constrain it. We also didn’t suffer from the aluminium insider ‘group think’ to set boundaries on our thinking. With a team of the most talented and experienced designers in the industry, we’ve challenged every aspect of aluminium window design and resolved a myriad of ‘that’s just how it is’ problems, both acknowledged and unacknowledged. The result is Sheerline, combining a series of exciting new innovations in a system that’s easier and quicker to fabricate, and easier to install. Sheerline passed PAS24:2016 security testing with outstanding results, exceeding the required load by more than three times! It’s uniquely balanced and beautiful – not my words, but one of the fabricators’ lined up to make it – making it a dream to sell.

A global crisis: Many things could have delayed the launch of Sheerline, but I’d not imagined a pandemic! Like most ‘Black Swan’ events, as rare ‘unforeseeable’ disruptions are known, Covid-19 came out of the blue. But massively disruptive events are not as rare as all that. Soon after we launched the Eurocell Ultimate 70mm system in 1993, the UK crashed out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, and we suffered the worst financial crash since the 70s. And, after we’d ordered the tools and machinery for Liniar, Lehman Brothers bank collapsed, and we entered the deepest recession since the 1920s! Delaying the launch of Sheerline is frustrating, but the health of our staff and customers comes first. Sheerline Classic is ready to launch when the Government says we can. When it does, ambitious fabricators will be looking for a competitive edge, new products that will save them time, labour, and hassle – products with extra kerb appeal to help them grow rapidly. The innovations we’ve built into Sheerline will be even more relevant in what will surely be a tough, competitive market. Having seen global supply lines fracturing, with the unnecessary burden of additional carbon miles that come with imported products, I’m confident people will want to buy more sustainable British systems. Particularly when they’re more advanced, help reduce waste, and save them time, effort, and money. In the middle of a crisis it might sound strange to say but I’m really confident and optimistic about Sheerline and British manufacturing.

Visit to register your interest. Follow @SheerlineSystem and
@GarnalexSystems for the latest news and updates.

Garnalex invests in Combilifts to achieve maximum manufacturing efficiency

Garnalex has invested in three Combilift multidirectional forklift trucks to achieve maximum efficiency in its state-of-the-art aluminium extrusion factory in Nether Heage, Derbyshire. The factory is now fully operational and extruding for trade extrusion customers. Its next major milestone is producing components for the launch of the breakthrough Sheerline window and door systems at the end of this month.

The three Combilifts support the integration of the factory with seamless synchronisation enabled by GarnerSys. Developed by Garnalex’ in-house software team, this bespoke management and tracking system is designed to seamlessly integrate all elements of the extrusion and manufacturing process, and the Garnalex back-end ERP system (SAP). The Combilifts are universal trucks that can be used both inside and outside to provide a high level of operational flexibility in all areas of this advanced factory.

Garnalex ordered two C4000 C-Series models, with four-ton lift capacities, and one Combi-CB model, with 2,500Kg capacity, in late 2018. Painted in the special Garnalex livery colour and logo, the two C4000 models are fitted with a 5.5m triplex mast enabling them to pass under low doorways, and lift goods to high storage bays when extended. All three Combilifts have multidirectional capability, enabling safe, space-saving handling and storage for long loads.

Roger Hartshorn, Garnalex CEO, comments on the latest investment: “I’ve been using Combilifts for over 20 years, and they’re instrumental in the smooth running of a factory. Our factory is 100,000 sq ft, so ensuring it’s designed to supply a full end-to-end service at all points of the process requires a co-ordinated approach. It’s important for us to know exactly where our products are at all times, and with our new Combilifts and GarnerSys to integrate them into the operation of the factory we do!”

Combilift CEO and co-founder, Martin McVicar, adds: “Roger was one of the first customers in the UK to recognise the qualities and benefits of our Combilift handling solutions when we launched our initial C-Series. We are very pleased that he has once again chosen products from our now much extended range. We wish him all the best for this new venture, which, knowing Roger, will no doubt be a great success.”

Find out more about Garnalex, follow @GarnalexSystems.

Sheerline passes PAS24:2016 and achieves ‘incredible’ results in destructive testing

Sheerline Classic, the new residential aluminium window system from Garnalex has passed the PAS24:2016 security test with flying colours, defeating two test rigs on the way!

PAS24:2016 is designed to test the strength of windows and doors and their resistance to opportunistic break-in attempts. Testing requires each loading and locking point of a window to withstand a perpendicular applied load of 3kN (a kN or kilonewton is the equivalent of 300kg) and a parallel to plane load of 1kN. A maximum sized double side hung Sheerline window successfully passed both mechanical and manipulation tests with no issues at all.

Having passed the tests successfully, Garnalex asked BSI’s technicians to carry out destructive testing to see just how strong the window system was. The results were described as ‘incredible’. Sheerline’s hinge side withstood the full loading capability of BSI’s hydraulic mechanical test rig of just over 10kN (over a metric tonne), holding the load for a minute without failure! The lock side of the window also achieved extraordinary results, withstanding 5kN of force before the lock failed. This was all the more impressive as the window had already been subjected to full mechanical and manipulation tests.

In previous testing carried out at Archibald Kenrick & Sons test facility, Steve Williams, Kenrick’s Sales and Marketing Director was equally as impressed. “Having witnessed the new Sheerline window easily passing the required 3 kN standard, Garnalex asked us to test their new window to destruction to see what it could take. However we had to stop the test at 10 kN as we were concerned we would damage our test rig! Really impressive performance, and testimony to what the correct system and hardware combinations can achieve.”

Phil Parry, Sheerline Testing and Standards Director, adds: “These results prove Sheerline’s Classic aluminium windows will set the new benchmark for strength and security for mainstream residential windows. Sheerline exceeded the required loads for PAS24:2016 by more than three times, to the amazement of the technical staff carrying out the testing. Both window hinge and lock sides withstood loads in excess of the much more onerous PAS24:2016 door test where the perpendicular loads are 4.5kN, and even went beyond that required in EN1627-30. We’ve designed Sheerline from the ground up to make it easy to fabricate, install and sell, and to perform at a much higher level than fabricators and installers are used to. So, we’re pleased, but not surprised by these security test results.”

Visit to find out more. Follow @SheerlineSystem and
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Sheerline ® is aluminium. But it’s definitely not as you know it!

Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn, the founder of both Eurocell plc and Liniar systems, says Sheerline ® is designed to transform installers’ experience of buying and installing aluminium windows and doorsRecent research by Windowbase 1 and MRA Research shows aluminium has been growing steadily since the early 2000s. The number of window companies selling aluminium has nearly quadrupled since 2002, and at the end of last year over 55% of all UK installers sold some aluminium. We shouldn’t be surprised. Homeowners have taken to aluminium. Demand started to take off when homeowners fell for bifolds and aluminium’s strength, slim profiles, cool looks, security and sustainable pedigree. Interest in aluminium windows and doors followed.

Like a lot of people, I’m passionate about aluminium but, I could see lots that could be done better to make the job of fabricators and installers easier and quicker. So, after decades in the window industry, I set up Garnalex to reinvent the way aluminium windows and doors are fabricated, installed and sold.

Sheerline is designed to transform aluminium installers’ experience Garnalex’ team of top designers examined every aspect of aluminium windows and doors, from service and delivery to installation, looks and marketing support. We looked at the common problems installers have to deal with, and the impact they have on their business in wasted time, cost and hassle. We looked at product performance, and even the service they need to compete effectively in today’s market.

The result is Sheerline, a window and door system that’s engineered with the installer and end user in mind. If a system is hard to adjust and fit correctly it increases the chances of remedial work and call-backs – which cost the installer time and money. So, quality is built into every Sheerline window and door. While we can’t go into too much detail before the launch, a number of innovative features make Sheerline extraordinarily quick and easy to install, cutting installation time and minimising call-outs for remedial work. For example, our ‘revolutionary’ glazing system significantly speeds up fitting times. It’s simple, quick and easy for one person to install large glazed frames in safety and comfort. Unlike most aluminium systems, Sheerline doesn’t rely heavily on silicone sealant to create a watertight seal to support weather performance: we engineered the system to reduce the chance of call-backs.

A dream to sell. We’ve designed Sheerline to be easy to sell. Beautiful looks get homeowners’ hearts racing and Sheerline’s unique corner finish, stunning, slim aesthetics and balanced, equal sightlines are designed to make it appeal to homeowners. That’s what installers who’ve seen it say. And we’ve designed our service to match ‘PVC-U lead-times’, so fabricators can fabricate quickly and reliably, and installers can meet homeowner expectations and offer aluminium windows and doors in a wide range of colours on responsive lead times.

Surveys show security and energy performance top homeowners’ wish lists for new windows. In recent PAS24:2016 security testing, Sheerline Classic windows exceeded the required loads by more than three times, to the amazement of the technical staff carrying out the testing. Thermal testing is underway and we’re confident of equally impressive energy efficiency results.

A world-class system with world-class service and support Garnalex has invested over £9million in a state-of-the-art factory to ensure quality is built into our foundations. We’re the only aluminium systems house in the UK to manufacture everything – aluminium profiles, thermal breaks and ancillaries – inhouse. Our own bespoke software seamlessly connects and integrates every machine, every process throughout the factory, warehousing and logistics, giving us total control of the supply chain. That’s how we can give customers reliable service, fast lead times, high-quality products, and meaningful guarantees. We’re backing this up with comprehensive technical, marketing and customer support. Sheerline launches this spring, and we’ll be running a series of workshops in our custom-built showroom and training suite to show fabricators and installers the Sheerline difference.

Call 01332 883960, email to register your interest and find out more. Keep up to date with the latest news and developments @SheerlineSystem and @GarnalexSystems.

Garnalex counts down to Sheerline launch

A series of videos from Garnalex, the company that aims to improve the aluminium window and door market with its innovative Sheerline ® systems, are now rolling out on social media in preparation for the Sheerline launch at the end of Q1 2020. The weekly videos start with a
tour of the now fully operational state-of-the-art factory. Fabricators and installers can see how Garnalex is setting new standards in the production of aluminium window and door systems, before moving on to how they are ordered, delivered, fabricated and installed.

CEO Roger Hartshorn comments on the videos: “We invested £9m in Garnalex to ensure that efficiency, quality, innovation and service are built into its foundations. Watching the videos, fabricators and installers can see how we’re doing it. The latest video from the series ‘The most modern aluminium factory in the UK’ is called ‘The furnace’.

“The response to the videos from the industry has been fantastic. Similar in fact to the level of interest in Sheerline,” concludes Roger.

Visit @SheerlineSystem on Twitter or LinkedIn at Sheerline Aluminium Systems to watch the videos and learn more about the Sheerline System.