Composite Door Frame

Ultra-rigid, premium aluminium composite door frames for the complete aluminium look
Introducing Sheerline's Composite Door Frame

Sheerline’s composite door frames combine strength and durability with exceptional thermal performance, all in a style that perfectly matches the rest of the Sheerline range of products.

Available in two sizes to cover most popular composite door blank sizes; 44mm and 48/49mm

Sheerline’s composite door outer frame enables installers to offer complete ‘whole house’ aluminium solutions that are perfectly suited, rather than being forced to offer a mish-mash of products.

Ultra-strong and durable range
Versatile configurations

Available with a full range of side and top lights

Patented Construction

Patented corner joint gives superior aesthetics and reduces misaligned corners

Part L Ready

Unique Thermlock® thermal break gives class leading thermal performance

Reduced Stocking

The same interchangeable, modular components and ancillaries are used across all our systems. Reducing stockholding requirements, simplifying and speeding up fabrication

Vertically Integrated

Designed, manufactured and delivered in the UK

Wide Range of Colours

Available in our full range of traditional, character, metallic effect and bespoke colours. Composite door frames are also available in dual colour combinations to suit any project requirements.

A range of contemporary colours
Perfectly matches the rest of the Sheerline range

Whether it be windows, doors, bi-folds or roof lanterns, a unique selling point of the Sheerline system is that we can guarantee aesthetics, colours and styles match perfectly across all product types. Unlike most aluminium systems on the market. Designed in the belief that homeowners shouldn’t have to compromise between style, function or keeping heating bills under control. The Made-in-Britain accreditation also provides confidence to consumers that products are locally sourced from within the UK, helping to reduce the products carbon-footprint, and being manufactured by a vertically integrated UK business, also offers solace to installers who benefit from not having to face weeks of uncertainty, or disruptions in product supply.

Made in Britain
16x More rigid than PVC-u

Our composite door outer frame is 16x more rigid than reinforced PVC-u, eliminating door ‘bounce’ and providing a premium feeling door ‘experience’ that homeowners love.

2 Threshold Options for both 44mm and 49mm versions

Frames to suit 44mm & 48/49mm door slabs. With low threshold options tested to the requirements of Part M. Thresholds can also be run continuously under sidelights if required.

Run through threshold works seamlessly with the ‘T’ Mullion

Both thresholds can accommodate a mechanically jointed ‘T’ transom/mullion, giving slimmer sightlines when doors are configured with sidelights. The system has also been designed to easily incorporate toplight/sidelight combinations.

Designed with installers in mind

Features such as threshold cover strips that conceal fixings and universal sealable end caps, mean that delivering quality installations using the Prestige Composite Door frame couldn’t be easier, perfect for busy installation teams.

Easy to manufacture, reducing fabrication waste

Our patented construction method does away with the need for crimping and specialised machinery, drastically reducing waste while speeding up manufacturing.

Thermlock® Technology

Prestige’s Thermlock® core provides exceptional thermal performance using multiple insulating chambers to create class leading thermal performance, perfect for meeting the requirements of Part L.

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