Classic Windows

Slim ultra-secure beadless aluminium windows
Introducing the Classic

Slim, high performance and ultra secure windows that are quick to fabricate and install. Perfect as a replacement for traditional steel windows or for contemporary extensions and renovations.

Key Features
Efficient Fabrication

Our patented corner assembly method allows windows to be made on one bench, once cutting and milling has taken place, saving time. Scrap levels are also drastically reduced, increasing efficiency.

Faster Installation

Our ultra slim Classic system features beadless glazing, removing the need for onsite wedge gasketing, speeding up installation and eliminating missing glazing issues. A host of other features including our patented corner technology also drastically cut down on remedial site issues.

Perfect Corners

Beautiful, repeatable corners that are tuneable, eliminating stepped frames, with run through mitres on internal joints, doing away with unsightly junctions of square cut beads. All thanks to our patented corner assembly method.

Outstanding thermal performance

Classic windows have a U-value as low as 1.4W/(m2K) also achieving an A WER (Window Energy Rating) with standard glazing all thanks to our Thermlock® core.

Slim 59mm sightline Casement and French windows

59mm sightlines and 64mm front to back as standard, 72mm for Flush frames– in-line with standard Prestige profiles – allowing the systems to be joined. Featuring dummy sashes for balanced aesthetics.

Reduced stockholding

All our systems share common components and are designed with consistent aesthetics and features, vastly reducing stock holding requirements and manufacturing complexity.

Beadless Security

With unrivalled security built into the heart of every window. The innovative construction of the Classic window system eliminates the need for separate glazing beads – often an area of weakness in traditional window design. Instead our patented corner jointing method securely locks the glass away within a completely sealed unit. This coupled with our high security multipoint locking and unique hinge protectors creates unparalleled levels of security. No window in its class is as secure.
All Sheerline windows carry PAS24:2016 enhanced security accreditation, so if your customer’s are looking for stylish aluminium windows with extra peace of mind as standard – then we have you covered.

Secured by Design

Secured by Design accreditation – the official UK Police initiative ‘designing out crime’ through physical security is also available subject to product specification.

Patented construction

Our patented corner jointing method does away with the need for crimping and specialised machinery, drastically reducing waste while also speeding up manufacturing. With windows being able to be manufactured on a single work bench with minimal training.


Our unique Thermlock® closed-cell, insulating chamber, hidden away inside every Sheerline window and door act as a thermal break, creating products with class leading thermal performance. Double glazed Classic Windows achieve a U-value of 1.4 U-value W/(m2K) and a WER (Window Energy Rating) of an A with a standard glazing specification.

Beautiful, adjustable corners

Slim 59mm sightlines complement run through mitres on internal joints, doing away with unsightly junctions of square cut beads. Our unique corner system also helps prevent stepped frames and removes the need to cut through the bead pocket to install locks.

Integrated system

Sheerline’s cills, ancillaries and corner posts, also feature Thermlock® technology coupled with innovative in-built weather sealing that keep draughts and rain safely outside, help eliminate any condensation issues caused by cold bridging, and reduce the need for onsite sealing. All based on a common chassis helping to reduce product complexity. This innovative clip together approach also means dual colours are easy to assemble and stock utilisation is improved.

5 days from stock

Manufactured in the UK, we design and make every aluminium and moulded component so we have the control to offer you unbeatable service. Sheerline profiles are available in five working days from a stocked range of 12 colours.

Made in Britain
A range of contemporary colours

Classic windows are available in eight powder coated matt colours, as well as a high gloss white with the option of choosing a different colour for the interior to help you find the look that is perfect for your property. A further three anodised finishes are available for the ultimate durable and stylish finish.

“Please note; due to the nature of the manufacturing process and the differences in the methods used to represent these colours on screen we cannot guarantee an exact colour match with the colours shown. The RAL colour references are also provided as a guide only.’‘


Flush Stepped

Flush Contemporary


Styling Options

With a choice of traditional or contemporary styling Sheerline aluminium windows are available in a choice of two opening sash styles; ‘Stepped’ – inspired by traditional steel windows and ‘Contemporary’ - with a more modern minimalist aesthetic.


Both styles are available in either our standard outer frame, or as a ‘Flush’ option that brings both the perimeter and the opening sash perfectly in-line with each other. You can draw on our experience if required to find the one that resonates best with your home’s character. A range of Georgian bar options are also available.

Patented Corner Assembly
Clip Together Ancillaries
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