About Us

Proudly designed and manufactured in the heart of the UK

We aim to transform the experience of buying aluminium systems and windows from start to finish. Our technical experts looked at every aspect of aluminium windows and doors, from how they’re made and installed, how they perform and look, to the service and support you need and get. And we’ve redesigned everything so they’re easy to fabricate, order, install, and sell.

Made in Britain
Manufactured without compromise

After listening to the issues and problems that customers experienced with existing aluminium systems, Roger Hartshorn, who has more than 40 years experience in the fenestration industry, began a mission to reinvent aluminium windows and doors.

Not only to remove these frustrations but also to improve service levels and reduce the reliance on imported aluminium systems and products. Currently 190,000 tonnes of extruded aluminium is consumed in the UK, but only 110,000 tonnes are made here.


We’ve invested over £9m in a state-of-the-art factory. This investment ensures quality is built into our very foundations. At the heart of our production facility sits our 170-tonne aluminium press (the same weight as a fully-grown blue whale).

The SMS HYBREX delivers up to 4 tonnes of extruded profile an hour, using the latest energy efficient servomotor technology to replace many hydraulic functions, for improved efficiency, precision and speed of operation with energy savings of up to 55%.


Formed in early 2018, after seeing the opening for a modern UK based aluminium extruder. Garnalex is based at the original L.B. Plastics site, which is also part of the Garnalex group.

We undertook a major refurbishment program of our 35 acre Firs Works to create a pristine, clean environment for our aluminium press, annealing oven and toolroom operations.

Made in Britain
Our dedicated Team

Roger Hartshorn

Having successfully built and sold two leading PVC-U systems companies (Eurocell plc and Liniar systems), Roger has fallen for aluminium, for its design possibilities, market potential and recycling credentials. He and the team are on a mission to introduce the innovations and service to enable fabricators and installers to realise its potential with beautiful, high-performance aluminium windows and doors designed with the fabricator, installer and homeowner in mind.

Finance Director

Emma Arrell

Previously Finance Director of the HL Plastics Group, which includes Liniar, Emma oversees all the financial dealings of the company. With £9 million invested so far in the most modern aluminium factory and facilities in the UK, and a growing team of people, directing and managing that investment makes the Garnalex promise possible.

Software Development Director

Adrian Girling

Ex-Business Micros and Total Glass, Adrian, is creating new software to integrate each stage of the extrusion, manufacture, delivery and assembly processes with our internal SAP system and fabrication aids. This ensures we have full transparency of what and how we are manufacturing for the order, fabrication and OTIF delivery of high-quality aluminium windows and doors.

Technical Production Director

Ross Hartshorn

Ross started as an apprentice in tooling design, manufacturing and maintenance at HL Plastics. By implementing best practice and open communications between departments he learned that it’s possible to improve cycle times, line speed and productivity.

Design Director

Adrian Redshaw

Adrian or ‘Reg’ as he’s better known, was instrumental in the design and development of Eurocell’s many products and then as Design Director was responsible for the design and development of Liniar’s window and door systems. Reg will ensure Sheerline remains at the forefront of practical technical innovation within the industry.

Technical Product Director

Dave Watts

Dave has extensive experience with long spells at HL Plastics, including running Avantek and Vintage Windows. His role as Technical Product Director is to develop fabrication-friendly solutions and introduce innovative ideas based on feedback from fabricators.

Sheerline Operations Director

Steve Musgrave

No stranger to the manufacturing and fenestration industries, Steve has previously held roles at Nationwide Windows and Doors and the Synseal Group. With a proven track record of increasing efficiency and productivity while improving service, Steve will be an asset to all areas of the business, including production, lamination, stock, and quality control.

Sheerline Sales Director

Tony Basile

Tony joined Garnalex as an Area Sales and Technical Manager before being promoted to Sheerline Sales Director. Having previously worked for Roger at Eurocell and Liniar, Tony gained a reputation for bringing people together and getting the best out of them. In his new role, he will oversee the Sales Managers and will be instrumental in the growth of the Sheerline brand.

Production Director

Eddy Webb

With a proven track record of managing business growth, Eddie will be a familiar face to the Sheerline team having previously worked for Liniar for 15 years. In his new role as Production Director, Eddie will manage key aspects of the business, including aluminium extrusion and the powder coating plant, as well as overseeing LB Plastics.