Reasons to Choose Sheerline

Selecting the right windows and doors for your home can be bewildering. Here are some reasons why Sheerline should be at the top of your list.

British Manufactured

We manufacture all the major components that go into every Sheerline windows and doors apart from the hardware and glass. This high level of vertical integration means we can keep to the highest quality standards.

25 Year Guarantee

We offer a comprehensive 25 year guarantee on Profile Integrity, Thermlock®  Performance and our Powder Coated Finish. Helping give you peace of mind.
Full details can be found on this site.

Fully Accredited

Sheerline windows and doors are all independently accredited to ensure they meet the latest security and thermal standards. While our manufacturing processes are independently audited to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Our Mission is to Transform Expectations of Aluminium Windows and Doors

That’s why we have created a range of products based around a common system architecture to reduce waste, and deliver class leading thermal performance using our own unique Thermlock® technology. Built around a patented corner jointing method, we’ve built in quality and good looks, with aesthetics that match perfectly across all products.

9th Fastest UK Growth

We where named the 9th fastest growing company in the UK in 2024 according to the ORESA Growth Index 2024. The coveted index champions innovation, economic growth, and business leadership in the featured companies.

Part L Compliant

Building Regulations have recently tightening the thermal requirements for windows and doors. Our entire range is compliant with these new standards, using standard double glazing, due to our modern system design and the use of unique Thermlock®  technology for thermal breaks.

Security Built-in

With exceptional security built into every window and door. Our exceptionally strong, patented corner construction maximises the inherent strength of Sheerline’s aluminium construction. For added peace of mind choose Secured by Design upgrades.

Cross section of a Classic Heritage steel look door, highlighted the exceptional thermal performance by overlaying a thermal rainbow to illustrate how Sheerlines wide thermal break gives a low U-value and helps keep homes warm and heating bills lower.

Thermlock® inside

Inside every Sheerline, window, door and lantern is our innovative Thermlock® multi-chamber technology, helping keep you and your property well insulated against the worst of the UK weather.

Insulating chambers act as a thermal break and work in conjunction with high performance glazing to create class leading thermal performance, far superior to traditional polyamide thermal breaks. Helping keep you and your home snug and warm.

Sustainably Manufactured

Made from the most recycled and abundant metal in the Earth’s crust and produced in the most energy efficient aluminium window facility in the UK, all Sheerline products are manufactured in the most sustainable way possible.

Our state-of-the-art, energy efficient SMS HYBREX press delivers energy savings of up to 55% compared to traditional presses. The design of our systems also vastly reduces fabrication waste, minimising the unnecessary consumption of raw material and helping reduce your window and door’s carbon footprint. This coupled to the high level of energy efficiency built into every Sheerline product helps build towards a greener future for all.

Delivered through Nationwide Fabricators and Installers

Get in touch with your local supplier

Sheerline windows and door systems can be purchased through local installers and fabricators, who will be able to guide you through the specification process and help you find the ideal products for your needs.

View of the rear of a beautiful house with a shaded patio, featuring fully colour matched, bespoke aluminium windows, doors and bi-folds. All covered by a comprehensive 25 year guarantee.


With Aesthetics, Colours, Styles and Performance that match perfectly across all products.
The perfect way to complement, and add value to your home.

Built as a truly integrated range, 100% matched.

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