Staying Ahead of the Curve with Sheerline’s In-house Profile Bending Service

Sheerline’s commitment to continual investment has seen the installation of a £270,000 TIM-ING Profile Bending Machine at its’ Derbyshire HQ. As a result, the company is offering a new specialist profile bending service, enabling fabricators to order perfect arched, curved and round windows. 

This latest expansion of capabilities is all part of Sheerline’s strategic commitment to continual investment, ensuring its’ facilities remain technologically advanced, and helping the company’s customers to stay ahead of their competition.

TIM-ING’s equipment offers some of the most advanced bending machinery for aluminium and PVC profiles in the world. There are 3D cameras within the machine, which enable it to be automated for efficiency and to ensure repeatable quality.

This announcement coincides with a growing demand for arched windows. Sheerline understands that properties with character and heritage features require specialist solutions that ensure homeowners can renovate properties sympathetically, without compromise. 

Sheerline prides itself on offering bespoke services to its fabricator partners, because it understands how important it is for fabricators and installers to be able to match their customers needs’.

In addition, customers can choose from standard, custom, or dual colour choices without increasing lead-times. Providing an agile, robust service by keeping everything in-house, from aluminium extrusion to painting, and now profile bending. 

Sheerline’s Technical Production Director, Ross Hartshorn, said: “This announcement, and the installation of our specialist profile bending machine, is another step in our strategic investment plan that ensures we stay at the forefront of the aluminium industry – it’s one of the things that differentiates us from other manufacturers.”

“There’s a reason we’ve gained a reputation for being an industry leader in such a short period. We aren’t afraid to take on historical challenges and offer solutions that benefit our customers.” he added.

Sheerline Reveals Installation of the Month Winner (and it’s a stunner!)

Towards the end of 2023, Sheerline announced that its Installation of the Month Competition was open to entries. The company is delighted to reveal last month’s winner was Bristol-based Maynard Windows for their submission featuring Shaftesbury Elms, an exclusive development in Frenchay.

The competition was launched so installers could showcase their work while highlighting the versatility of Sheerline’s products. Shaftesbury Elms is a great example of this, showing how the Prestige range was used across three unique properties.

Every product was produced in RAL 9005 (Jet Black), and aside from ensuring consistent styling across the development, it shows how this broad range seamlessly works together. For instance, to the front, two of the properties have double height glazed entrances with large picture windows. This adds the wow factor when approaching the development and showcases how important natural light is in modern properties. Each property has oversized windows to flood the space with light without compromising on the privacy of the residents.

Meanwhile, to the rear of the properties, French doors plus casement and fixed windows help to ensure the design brief, of combining traditional features with a contemporary aesthetic, was achieved.

Aside from presenting three beautiful homes, the Shaftesbury Elms project reflects the collaboration required within the fenestration industry to ensure a consistently high-quality finish across projects. With Maynard Windows selecting Master Plastics to fabricate the Sheerline products required.

Matt from Maynard Windows said: “This was the first time I’d entered Sheerline’s competition and would recommend other installers have a go. It’s so easy to move on from an installation – whether it’s a new build, renovation, or development, but actually, it’s really worth revisiting those projects because this is something that I can share with future clients who haven’t decided what style or look they want to achieve.”

Dave Wigley, Head of Marketing, commented: “Matt put forward a strong entry for December, hence why he won the competition. It’s fantastic to see the different applications for Sheerline’s products – we know how versatile they are, but it’s great to see them showcased like this. The Shaftesbury Elms development is a stunning example of the difference well-chosen windows and doors can make.”

Entering is easy as the only requirement is to submit a photo or video either via email or social media detailing the Sheerline products that have been installed, where the project is, and any other useful information such as the RAL colours and the purpose of the installation.

Installers who choose to enter via social media are encouraged to @ mention Sheerline so the entry can easily be shared. The deadline to submit is the end of each month to be in with a chance of winning a £100 Amazon voucher.

Sheerline’s Range Helps D & I Windows Achieve Sustainable Business Growth

D & I Windows has been announced as one of the latest companies to add Sheerline’s premium aluminium range to its’ product offering. The Barnsley-based fabricator and manufacturer pivoted from UPVC to aluminium because of rising costs and increased competition post-pandemic.

Since deciding to fabricate Sheerline’s versatile whole-house aluminium systems, D & I has gone from strength to strength, even launching a new company called Radius Aluminium, which is dedicated to supporting trade customers.

The launch of the new trade business comes after a busy period, which has seen the company grow and enabled business owners and directors, David Saxon and Ian Haddock, to achieve their goal of creating a sustainable long-term business.

Having both previously been made redundant, they decided to utilise their expertise to offer customers the best products and services, while also supporting the local economy. One of the key reasons David and Ian chose Sheerline is because the system is unlike anything else available.

It is efficient to manufacture, which has helped them streamline their operations. In addition, it’s fitter-friendly and offers customers a stylish, thermally efficient alternative to traditional UPVC options. Another factor is the branding and marketing support Sheerline offers as standard.

One of the biggest benefits to fabricating the innovative aluminium range in-house is the control D & I has over its supply chain. This has added to the company’s long-term sustainability and reliability as it no longer waits as long for deliveries and has enabled it to reduce customer lead times.

D & I is currently fabricating Sheerline’s Beaded Classic and Prestige Windows, Prestige Bi-folds, the award-winning Prestige Lift & Slide Patio and the S1 Lantern – all of which are Part L compliant as standard. But the company has big plans, including adding the recently launched thermally efficient Classic Hertiage Door.

With heritage style doors being on trend and in high demand, adding Sheerline’s Classic Heritage Door will enhance and complete the company’s product offering, as it will have a fully suited range of matching products available.

D & I Windows Director, David Saxon, said: “We’ve got big plans. We see this as a long-term partnership, and this is just the beginning. We’ve achieved sustainability, so now it’s time for our business to grow.”

“We’re taking our aluminium offer nationwide – something we know is achievable given the support Sheerline provides. Hence why we have opportunities with our dedicated trade business, Radius Aluminium. We welcome enquiries from anyone looking for a new stylish, thermally efficient, reliable, aluminium window and door system to install,” he added.

Sheerline Sales Director, Tony Basile commented: “What David and Ian have achieved is huge. Not only for themselves but for the local area too – they’re providing jobs and building a sustainable business for future generations. We’re delighted that Sheerline has played a role in this and look forward to supporting D & I’s ambitious plans.”

Radius Aluminium currently has opportunities for trade partners and invites them to make an appointment to view the showroom, which is open seven days a week. It has every product on display (except the patio doors) as well as different styling options, colours, and handles.

Is your Aluminium Supplier Future-proofed against the UK Carbon Levy?

Sustainability has always been a core pillar of Sheerline’s business, but it has never been more important than now considering the UK Government’s plans to introduce a carbon levy, which has big implications for importers of carbon intensive products like aluminium.

Reports in December 2023 suggested the Carbon Levy may come into effect by 2027. While systems companies around the UK should not have been surprised by the news, many have been caught flat footed – scrambling to get themselves ready, as decarbonisation climbs the agenda, powered by a probable change of government later this year.

In terms of aluminium, it’s not just large-scale manufacturers that could be affected by the changes –this has the potential to affect businesses of all sizes. Fabricators within the fenestration industry must carefully review their suppliers ahead of time to avoid increased costs.

Imported aluminium looks set to be hit with an additional charge through the Carbon Levy. Costs that systems companies who rely on overseas supply will look to their fabricators to cover.

For Sheerline’s fabricators, there is no need to worry about the prospect of smaller margins or additional unexpected costs. This is because of the company’s strategic vision, which was developed with supply chain security and long-term sustainability in mind.

Not only is this to protect the business and ensure its longevity, but also to protect Sheerline’s valued customers. For example, sustainability means many things at Sheerline, encompassing everything from green business practices to where the materials are sourced from.

The latter is important for supply chain resilience and enables the company to proudly bear its Made in Britain membership. Sheerline’s aluminium is also sourced from within the UK to keep its carbon footprint low while removing the potential for shipping delays or import taxes.

Another element of Sheerline’s sustainability strategy is recycling. All the aluminium offcuts that can’t be used get sent back to the supplier so they can be melted, reset, and reused. This forms part of the closed-loop manufacturing process.

This approach to business operations will arguably increase in importance in the coming years. Decarbonisation is not an issue that is going to go away, and it’s not something that can be overcome half-heartedly. There are likely to be stringent targets, and consequences for those who cannot comply.

Ross Hartshorn, Technical Production Director, commented: “Sheerline is ready for the future, but many manufacturers will struggle in the coming months and years because the carbon levy has the potential to shake up the UK aluminium market, which extends to the fenestration industry.”

“Our priority is ensuring our fabricators know that when they choose Sheerline, they’re choosing simplicity. We are a one-stop supplier of whole-house premium aluminium solutions that are designed, extruded, moulded, painted, and assembled in-house. We’re the obvious choice for fabricators who want to embrace simplicity,” he added.

SheerVent® Now available for S2 Glazed Roofs

Sheerline has announced that SheerVent® – the aluminium innovators, revolutionary roof vent, is now exclusively available for S2 conservatory roofs, alongside the company’s award winning S1 lantern. Helping set S2 apart from other glazed roofs, with a stylish ventilation option that integrates properly with the rest of the roof aesthetic.

SheerVent® is offered as the perfect solution to the longstanding challenge of adding reliable ventilation to glazed roofs without creating weaknesses for water ingress. It does this through an integrated muntin bar, and fitting directly into the ridge baffle, thus eliminating the possibility of leaks.

In addition, it offers thermal efficiency as it is fully thermally broken using high-performance 24mm glazing, ideal for keeping conservatories warmer in winter and cooler in summer – something Sheerline’s products are known for.

Bringing roof vents into the 21st century at last, with powered actuators and a full range of automated sensors. This clever system utilises discreet light, wind, and rain sensors for comfort and additional convenience and peace of mind.

SheerVent® sits lower down than traditional roof vents and avoids the clumsy look of a frame that protrudes beyond the rafter cappings. With a more considered, discreet design SheerVent® is sure to be a hit with homeowners looking for the very best-looking roof possible.

As the ultimate intelligent ventilation system for roof lanterns and conservatory style roofs, SheerVent® is available in sizes up to 1.1 wide x 1.2m, and is purposed designed to fit the S2 roof, making it the obvious choice for homeowners, fabricators, and installers alike.

Jon Crohill, Project Design Manager for Sheerline, said: “After investing so much time in to S2 and evolving it through the development stage into the product it is today, adding proper purge ventilation was the next logical step. Customer response to SheerVent® for our lanterns was overwhelmingly positive, so it made sense to bring this proven system to S2. What we’ve achieved is precisely what we set out to: a functional solution, that doesn’t compromise on style – something that we pride ourselves on at Sheerline.”

Tony Basile, Sheerline Sales Director, added: “There are countless ways in which the S2 stands out within the glazed roof market, but adding SheerVent® will undeniably set it apart from the other solutions currently available. Our customers no longer have to make do with ugly vents that don’t match, or worse, allow the ingress of water. Conservatory season is coming up and now we’re able to offer the winning combination of the S2 and intelligent ventilation, we’re looking ahead to a busy summer.”

Sheerline Launches Reverse Butt Joint for the Aluminium Market

Known for developing innovative solutions to historic challenges within the aluminium industry, Sheerline has announced the launch of its latest revolutionary product, a Reverse Butt Joint for the Prestige window system.

Based on Sheerline’s tried and tested corner cleat, a new patented, precision-machined, aluminium T cleat will enable Sheerline customers to offer fully internally beaded aluminium windows, that feature both opening vents and fixed panes. It will streamline the fabrication and installation process, enabling fabricators to manufacture the reverse butt joint using Sheerline’s newly introduced Prestige Z transom.

This solution eliminates the need for external glazing, reverse adaptors, and dummy sashes, therefore saving time and money. The reduction in materials, manufacturing, and labour costs also adds to the appeal of the product and opens a realm of opportunity in the specification sector.

Large-scale commercial projects and tenders, where efficiency is key, will benefit from the streamlined approach offered by the Z transom. For instance, it’s the ideal option for projects that require fully internally glazed windows and reduces the need for scaffolding as glazing and remedial work can be carried out from within a building.

In addition, the reverse butt joint uses less material when compared to windows that use a dummy sash, which reduces waste and saves time. Saving 20% on material and labour costs when compared to a window featuring a dummy sash rather than a fixed light.

As well as making the installation process quicker and more efficient, there are also visual benefits to consider. For example, the discreet joints give a sleek, modern appearance, adding value to both the visual aesthetic of the window overall and the installation.

As with all Sheerline products, homeowners can easily create consistent styling throughout the home with crisp, clean lines that embrace the trend of bright, airy spaces bathed in natural light. There is also the option to perfectly match products in terms of styling, security, and colour.

Sheerline understands how important it is for homeowners to feel safe and secure within their homes. That’s why individuals who are apprehensive about externally glazed windows will gain peace of mind from this fully internally beaded product.

Dave Watts, Sheerline’s Technical Sales Director said: “Anyone who operates within the PVC -U market is aware of the advantages of reverse butt joints, but within the aluminium industry, they’re relatively unheard of as legacy aluminium systems can’t accommodate them. With our new reverse butt joint, we want to show fabricators, installers, and consumers that there are options for aluminium too!”

“Tried and tested is great, but innovative solutions backed up by real-world experience and extensive R&D can offer unexpected opportunities, benefits, and advantages. There are many outstanding features to highlight about our newest product – the fact it streamlines the fabrication and installation processes, but also the fact it gives our customers greater choice, and that’s something we pride ourselves on,” he added.

Sheerline’s Ben Hartshorn Named Rising Star of the Year at G23 Awards

Sheerline’s Ben Hartshorn was named the fenestration industry’s newest Rising Star after winning the coveted award at the G23 Awards at the end of November. It was one of the most competitive award categories, with Ben up against seven other entrants for the accolade.

He was put forward by the team due to the exceptional and busy year Ben’s had, and how he has risen to the challenges and opportunities this has given him. In a relatively short space of time, Ben has progressed from assisting in designing and testing prototypes in the early stages of the product cycle, to leading product development from the ground up, as well as managing one of Sheerline’s key customer facing departments.

Although Ben was new to the fenestration industry when he joined Sheerline in 2019, he took the skills he gained during his apprenticeship and his previous experience as a tool maker and applied them to live projects. Not only did this help him hit the ground running, but it was also beneficial to the R&D team and business as a whole.

Products Ben has worked on include the recently launched Classic Heritage Door, which was previewed at the FIT Show 2023 in May. It is expected to become one of Sheerline’s most popular products with both installers and fabricators.

It offers authentic heritage features with its lockbox design, making it ideal for period renovations and modern properties that can benefit from classically styled doors. Ben also played a pivotal role in the development of several other Sheerline innovations, most recently Prestige’s reverse butt joint solution which is just being launched.

Alongside Ben’s product development work, he has become increasingly involved in ensuring Sheerline’s fabrication tooling and support is market leading, building on his past experience in this area.

Sheerline prides itself on recognising when team members go above and beyond, which is reflected in the fact that Ben was recently promoted to Technical Support Manager. This role requires him to oversee a team of national technical sales engineers committed to providing unrivalled support.

When speaking to Ben’s colleagues, two attributes that they particularly appreciate are the fresh perspective he offers, alongside a willingness to see the bigger picture, ensuring projects are delivered in a pragmatic way, that work for Sheerline customers.

Ben said of his award win: “Winning this accolade at the start of my career within the fenestration industry reflects Sheerline’s commitment to training and the apprenticeship process. Over the past four years, Sheerline has given me an opportunity to gain a vast amount of knowledge and build contacts within the industry.”

“From a technical and design perspective, it’s great to be part of such an innovative team as this has enabled me to get involved with a variety of interesting projects. I’d like to thank the team at Sheerline for putting me forward for this award and the opportunities they’ve given me so far. I look forward to the future,” he added.

Sheerline Receives Coveted National Fenestration Awards for People and Products

The team at Sheerline are celebrating after winning not one, but two coveted awards at this year’s National Fenestration Awards, which took place on Saturday 28 October at Doncaster Racecourse. It was an extra special evening as the awards celebrated their ten-year anniversary.

First, Sheerline’s Prestige Lift & Slide Patio was awarded the title of New Product of the Year. This coveted award is particularly rewarding for Adrian Redshaw, Design Director, and the rest of the R&D team, as it completes the Prestige range for now, and has already become a firm favourite with Sheerline customers.

It’s also a great achievement because competition was fierce within this category – with ten other products competing. For the latest addition to the Prestige range to have stood out is a testament to the work that goes into Sheerline’s R&D, product development, manufacture, and sales and marketing.

For instance, the Prestige Lift & Slide Patio has recently achieved Secured by Design accreditation helped by its in-built security features, which include high security interlocks designed to prevent unwanted intruders from entering the property.

All delivered with the consistent design options that give homeowners the ability to achieve consistency throughout their home. And all based on Sheerline’s patented corner assembly method, with innovative Thermlock® thermal breaks.

The second award Sheerline picked up recognised the outstanding leadership of CEO Roger Hartshorn as he was named MD/Director of the Year. A fantastic result, particularly as 16 other, well regarded industry figures were also up for the title.

It’s an even better result when considering Roger was awarded a lifetime achievement award last year for the positive impact, he’s had on the fenestration industry. To be recognised by his peers, fabricators and installers two years in a row is a significant achievement.

It reflects what Roger has shown time and time again; that with the right knowledge and investment in both people and equipment, beautiful products that work well, that are technically engineered and innovative, will succeed. There is clearly a demand for beautiful aluminium windows and doors that go above and beyond what everyone expects.

Roger Hartshorn, Sheerline CEO, said: “We’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the team behind the NFAs–it’s been another tremendous success, and it truly is one of the highlights of the fenestration awards calendar. To see Sheerline recognised and celebrated among our peers and friends is fantastic. Of course, it’s also hugely rewarding to call another one of our products award-winning.”

“We deliberately work to ensure our products are the best, not just for homeowners, but for installers and fabricators too. Last year it was a pleasant surprise to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award–it’s not something that happens every day–and being named Director of the Year is another great win for Sheerline and shows we still have more to give,” he added.

This is just the beginning of awards season for Sheerline, so watch this space! To find out more about the award-winning Prestige Lift & Slide Patio, or any other of the wide range of Sheerline aluminium products visit the website here:

Sheerline Installation of the Month Competition Open for Entries

Sheerline has launched a new Installation of the Month competition to provide an opportunity for installers to showcase the quality of their work. It is designed to be easy to enter to encourage businesses of all sizes to get involved, and get some free PR.

The only requirements are to submit photos or videos each month of projects that use Sheerline products, either via email or on social media. Entrants are also encouraged to follow and tag Sheerline for increased post visibility.

Posts or emails should clearly state which products have been installed, where the project is based, and any other information that may be relevant, such as the colours chosen as well as the purpose of the project, for example, an upgrade, replacement, or renovation.

Entries will be reviewed at the end of each month, with the winner announced across social media in the first week of each month. Winners will receive a £100 Amazon voucher, along with their 15 minutes of fame! Installers and fabricators and can enter as many times as they’d like to each month.

There are no limitations on the types of products installed or the nature of the project. Sheerline welcomes entries that show anything from a whole-house makeover to a sleek modern S2 conservatory installation, a feature framing picture window, or a transformational Prestige Lift & Slide Patio.

Aside from showcasing Sheerline’s products, the aim of the competition is to celebrate the breadth of work of installers around the UK. Any project–regardless of the size or budget–has the potential to completely change a living or work space for the better.

Dave Wigley, Head of Marketing, said: “We know that up and down the country, Sheerline products are being used to transform residential and commercial properties. But we don’t often get to see the end results. Our Installation of the Month competition is the perfect opportunity for installers to share their great work and for us to see how our products are being used.”

“We welcome photos and videos of the finished project, but we also love to see before and after photos–it really is amazing to see the difference new windows, doors, roof lanterns, and conservatories can make to a property. Especially when they are perfectly matched and meet the customers’ exact requirements,” he added.

Sheerline Offers Prestige Security as Standard – All Products in the Range Now SBD Certified

Sheerline is delighted to announce that every product within their Prestige range is now Secured by Design (SBD) certified. With the Prestige Lift & Slide Patio Door recently joining the rest of its aluminium windows and doors to offer full SBD accreditation.

This latest addition underlines Sheerline’s commitment to delivering the safest, most secure products possible. It gives homeowners additional peace of mind as manufacturers must go through a stringent third-party process to achieve SBD accreditation, the official police-backed security initiative.

Prestige Lift & Slide Patio Doors were designed with security in mind, offering PAS24:2022 as standard. In-built security features such as high security interlocks, bind sashes together to stop unwanted intruders, and are rated to an impressive 4.5KN. These security features are coupled to some unique selling features such as retracting hook-locks with flush-fitting keeps that prevent snagging clothing when the doors are open. Creating secure doors with real consumer appeal.

SBD accreditation clearly signals to homeowners that the Prestige range is strong and secure enough to withstand attacks from opportunist criminals.

Offering SBD certified products is all part of Sheerline’s business ethos, which centres on giving consumers the best possible aluminium windows and doors in terms of style, security, and sustainability, all created around a common system platform –something that differentiates the company from its competitors.

The Prestige Lift & Slide Patio Door was designed to help homeowners create a room with a view. It’s available in dual and triple track and operates flawlessly at any size, offering a maximum width of 6.5 metres unjointed and a maximum height of 2.5 metres.

As a high-performance product, thermal efficiency is in built through Sheerline’s proprietary Thermlock® technology. Utilising a multi-chambered thermal break that is more insulating than traditional polyamide alternatives. As a result, the product offers double glazed Part L compliance as standard.

Roger Hartshorn, Sheerline CEO, said: “Since launching Sheerline, we have proven repeatedly that we know what homeowners want and we are committed to providing that without compromise–the fact our entire Prestige range is now SBD accredited illustrates this point perfectly.”

“We understand the need to be exceptional in order to standout and shake up the aluminium industry, which is what we’ve been doing since day one. But part of the reason this SBD accreditation is so important to us is because of what it symbolises for homeowners and their families. It provides peace of mind and reassurances that regardless of whether they are in their home at night or away on holiday, their windows and doors won’t let them down,” he added.