Colour by Sheerline

Beautiful, consistent colour powered by our NEW in-house Powder Coating Plant

Introducing our own Powder Coating Plant

We have invested over £1 million in a new state-of-the-art powder coating plant at our Firs Works site in Derbyshire. Bringing the most important secondary process that happens to our Sheerline aluminium range after it has been extruded, in-house for the first time. This further investment in truly vertically integrated UK manufacturing is vital to our ability to offer you, our Sheerline customer’s the very best service and quality possible.

Colour by Sheerline
The benefits of our own facility

By investing in our own powder coating facility, built in-line with our Hybrex aluminium press we have reduced many common paint quality issues and have built in efficiencies and significantly reduced stock movement. Taking up to 5 weeks out of the process of putting painted profiles into stock. This added agility will ensure we are able to fulfil orders on time and in full, as well as giving us direct control over quality checks, and the ability to rectify any issues in hours rather than weeks - ensuring Sheerline’s powder coating is best-in-class.

State-of-the-art plant

Putting the right machinery and infrastructure in place is key to ensuring we deliver the Sheerline quality customers value. We’ve installed one of the very best seven stage chrome free pre-treatment systems and chosen a GEMA Magic Cylinder fast colour change system at the heart of our painting plant. Fully integrated into our own GarnerSys software, our powder coating plant is also physically adjacent to our incredibly efficient aluminium press – optimising our production flow.

Sheerline Quality Guaranteed
Improved Sheerline Service

Our complete onsite facility enables us to offer a more robust delivery promise to our customers.

Exceptional Quality Standards

We can also safeguard that the high Sheerline quality standards are guaranteed through our controlled, in-house processes and quality checks.


With Sheerline profile now travelling less, we are minimising and reducing its carbon footprint and operating as sustainably as possible

Reducing Risks

Now all product is manufactured, painted, rolled and securely wrapped on one site, with minimal movement, we are reducing the risk of damage.

Extensive Colour Range

Our Sheerline range of products are available in eight powder coated matt colours, as well as a high gloss white as standard. A further three metallic effect finishes are available for the ultimate robust and stylish finish. We believe that it is important to provide a variety of contemporary colours as standard, on short lead times to suit any projects style requirements.

A range of contemporary colours
Dual Colours Available as Standard

Colour is just as important on the outside and inside of a property and that’s why we offer any dual colour options on all Sheerline aluminium products, on the same short 10-day lead time. This agility gives our customers the confidence to use colour and service levels as a key selling aid against rival systems.

Bespoke Colour Service

Alongside our standard, Traditional and Character colour ranges, we’ve also seen growing demand for bespoke colours, driven by homeowners wanting to match everything from their kitchen cabinets or local stone to an architect’s vision. Luckily for Sheerline customers, our on-site facilities let us turn round bespoke colour jobs in an average of just 15 days!

Finish Options

When ordering bespoke colours, we can also provide any RAL colour in a variety of finish options including matt, satin, or gloss. In addition, we can also offer fine texture and special finish options on request, which are often popular on architect-lead design projects. Contact us to discuss further. As our bespoke service is so efficient and only adds on average a week to orders, you can easily keep up with colour trends and deliver your customer’s vision.

Sheerline Colour Brochure

Beautiful, consistent colour powered by our NEW in-house Powder Coating Plant