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From Industry Lingo to Household Chatter: Why Conversations Around U-Values are Changing

For a lot of homeowners, the term ‘U-value’ means nothing – it’s industry talk used by those in the know, but this is set to change as the importance of U-values grows. Savvy homeowners are trying to make their homes as energy efficient as possible now and for the future.

But this isn’t just a reflection of the energy crisis and the spiralling cost-of-living situation, it also reflects the shift in the way companies are rewarding customers for energy efficiency. For instance, some mortgage providers now offer green mortgage products.

They offer a better rate compared to standard deals, but they have strict eligibility requirements such as an Energy Performance Certification (EPC) rating of A or B. This is quite a feat given the fact the average EPC rating for dwellings in England and Wales is D according to the Government*.

But this isn’t the only factor driving demand for energy efficiency in the home. Since the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) came into effect in 2018, all landlords in England and Wales have been legally required to provide a domestic property with an EPC rating of E or above.

But that’s not all. From April this year, a landlord can no longer rent a property with an EPC rating lower than E. And from 2028, this will change to a C, which means some landlords will have around five years to make big changes to their rental properties.

And of course, there are the updates to Part L, which are a stepping stone towards the Future Homes and Buildings Standards due to be introduced in 2025. As we’ve highlighted in the past – you can’t fake Part L compliance, you either have it or you don’t.

While this combination of legislation may ensure a quality of life for renters and homeowners, it will also help the government achieve its net zero target by 2050. So, where do U-values come in? Conversations around energy efficiency are changing as homeowners consciously improve their EPC rating.

Double and triple-glazed windows and doors are high on the list for home improvements to improve energy efficiency. This is where Sheerline comes in – since it’s inception, a key focus has been to provide low U-values and automatic Part L compliance across all ranges.

This approach makes life easier for everyone involved; installers don’t have to worry about faking compliance or using fillers around the frames, fabricators can easily calculate U-values, and homeowners can choose matching products in terms of the style, hardware, and warranties.

Homeowners want to build the home of their dreams, with light, bright, airy living spaces that stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With Sheerline, this dream can easily become a reality thanks to its’ industry-leading aluminium windows and doors.

The latest Sheerline product to be launched offering exceptionally low U-values is the new Classic Heritage Door. With an A+ Door Energy Rating and U-values of 1.4 W/(m2K) with double glazing, this is another example where homeowners do not have to choose style or substance – they get both.

And the standout feature – a beautiful heritage lockbox design – makes a bold statement that works just as well in an ultra-modern property as it does in a period-inspired home. It also uses shared components to streamline the fabrication process and reduce stockholding.

What Sheerline illustrates through its proven products and successful track record is the need for thermally efficient products is not a fad or trend. And it’s not just something the government requires – it’s about improving people’s standard of living and quality of life.

It’s a standard homeowners want to achieve because they want to create warm, cosy spaces that are big and bold and beautiful. They want enough space to live and grow together comfortably as a family without compromising.

This is the reason Sheerline, and its’ versatile range of products, have become so popular over the past few years. They lead people towards the life they’ve been dreaming of – one where everyone feels warm, safe, and secure at home.

To find out more about Sheerline’s impressive U-values across both the Prestige and Classic ranges, and how you can create a warm, cosy home that doesn’t cost the earth (literally) visit the Sheerline website: https://www.sheerline.com


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