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Garnalex Awarded QUALICOAT Approval for State-of-the-Art In-House Paint Plant

Garnalex’s in-house state-of-the-art powder coating plant has been recognised for its’ quality assurance processes after being awarded a QUALICOAT coating applicator approved licence – the world’s leading quality label for aluminium coatings.

This is especially significant as Garnalex is currently the only manufacturer in the East Midlands to hold the coveted licence. As well as helping them stand out from the competition, the licence gives customers peace of mind as they know the company’s products are of the highest standard.

To gain the licence, Garnalex underwent QUALICOAT’s rigorous approval process, which involved a detailed application outlining every step of the company’s powder coating process and submitting samples for testing.

Being an approved licence holder means Garnalex has and will continue to adhere to QUALICOAT’s specifications for its’ plant, equipment, coating materials, and finished products. QUALICOAT has a continuous monitoring programme in place.

For licence holders, this ensures they keep their approval, while their customers continue to benefit from the highest standards possible. This is in line with QUALICOAT’s mission to maintain the standards and quality of coatings for alloys and architectural applications.

Since investing £1.3 million to bring powder coating in-house, Garnalex has gained control over its’ quality assurance processes while Sheerline’s customers have benefited from improved quality delivered in as responsive and agile way as possible.

Ross Hartshorn, Technical Production Director, said: “Since bringing our powder coating in-house, our paint plant has gone from strength to strength, gaining multiple industry recognised accreditations, including the QUALICOAT coating applicator approved licence.”

“This is all part of our strategy to ensure we maintain our edge and keep both Garnalex and Sheerline ahead of the competition. The team have worked hard to ensure we gain this approval – it’s a fantastic result, particularly as we are the only manufacturer in the East Midlands to hold this quality licence,” he added.

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