Sheerline ® is aluminium. But it’s definitely not as you know it!

Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn, the founder of both Eurocell plc and Liniar systems, says Sheerline ® is designed to transform installers’ experience of buying and installing aluminium windows and doorsRecent research by Windowbase 1 and MRA Research shows aluminium has been growing steadily since the early 2000s. The number of window companies selling aluminium has nearly quadrupled since 2002, and at the end of last year over 55% of all UK installers sold some aluminium. We shouldn’t be surprised. Homeowners have taken to aluminium. Demand started to take off when homeowners fell for bifolds and aluminium’s strength, slim profiles, cool looks, security and sustainable pedigree. Interest in aluminium windows and doors followed.

Like a lot of people, I’m passionate about aluminium but, I could see lots that could be done better to make the job of fabricators and installers easier and quicker. So, after decades in the window industry, I set up Garnalex to reinvent the way aluminium windows and doors are fabricated, installed and sold.

Sheerline is designed to transform aluminium installers’ experience Garnalex’ team of top designers examined every aspect of aluminium windows and doors, from service and delivery to installation, looks and marketing support. We looked at the common problems installers have to deal with, and the impact they have on their business in wasted time, cost and hassle. We looked at product performance, and even the service they need to compete effectively in today’s market.

The result is Sheerline, a window and door system that’s engineered with the installer and end user in mind. If a system is hard to adjust and fit correctly it increases the chances of remedial work and call-backs – which cost the installer time and money. So, quality is built into every Sheerline window and door. While we can’t go into too much detail before the launch, a number of innovative features make Sheerline extraordinarily quick and easy to install, cutting installation time and minimising call-outs for remedial work. For example, our ‘revolutionary’ glazing system significantly speeds up fitting times. It’s simple, quick and easy for one person to install large glazed frames in safety and comfort. Unlike most aluminium systems, Sheerline doesn’t rely heavily on silicone sealant to create a watertight seal to support weather performance: we engineered the system to reduce the chance of call-backs.

A dream to sell. We’ve designed Sheerline to be easy to sell. Beautiful looks get homeowners’ hearts racing and Sheerline’s unique corner finish, stunning, slim aesthetics and balanced, equal sightlines are designed to make it appeal to homeowners. That’s what installers who’ve seen it say. And we’ve designed our service to match ‘PVC-U lead-times’, so fabricators can fabricate quickly and reliably, and installers can meet homeowner expectations and offer aluminium windows and doors in a wide range of colours on responsive lead times.

Surveys show security and energy performance top homeowners’ wish lists for new windows. In recent PAS24:2016 security testing, Sheerline Classic windows exceeded the required loads by more than three times, to the amazement of the technical staff carrying out the testing. Thermal testing is underway and we’re confident of equally impressive energy efficiency results.

A world-class system with world-class service and support Garnalex has invested over £9million in a state-of-the-art factory to ensure quality is built into our foundations. We’re the only aluminium systems house in the UK to manufacture everything – aluminium profiles, thermal breaks and ancillaries – inhouse. Our own bespoke software seamlessly connects and integrates every machine, every process throughout the factory, warehousing and logistics, giving us total control of the supply chain. That’s how we can give customers reliable service, fast lead times, high-quality products, and meaningful guarantees. We’re backing this up with comprehensive technical, marketing and customer support. Sheerline launches this spring, and we’ll be running a series of workshops in our custom-built showroom and training suite to show fabricators and installers the Sheerline difference.

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