Prestige Reverse Butt Joint

Create fully internally glazed aluminium windows.

An evolution of our traditional corner cleat, our new patented T cleats enable fabricators to manufacture reverse butt jointed windows using our newly introduced Prestige Z transom for fully internally glazed windows

Save 20% on material and labour costs*

This elegant solution eliminates the need to use external glazing, costly reverse adaptors or dummy sashes helping with competitive tenders, by saving 20% on material and labour costs.*

*Based on unglazed raw material and labour saving compared to a standard window with a side next to fixed dummy sash.

Internally Beaded

Enables you to provide the ‘universally preferred’ internally glazed windows homeowners expect.

Consistent Looks

With a more modern appearance, our unique method of construction keeps all bead lines internal for visual consistency.

Security Reassurance

For customers that are apprehensive about externally glazed windows, this internally beaded option helps remove those security concerns.

Made in Britain
Fabrication Benefits
Beautiful Aesthetics

In contrast to alternatives which feature an assortment of unattractive square cuts, Sheerline’s reverse butt joint is clean and neat, providing a refined, sleek solution.

Quicker to Fabricate

Compared to fabricating a dummy sash, the reverse butt joint saves labour costs as it takes less time to manufacture.

Save Money on Material Costs

The reverse butt joint uses less materials when compared to a window with a dummy sash, which in turn also generates less waste.

Commercial Projects

For tenders that require fully internally glazed windows, the Z transom provides new opportunities for larger scale aluminium window projects.

Preferred by Installers

With the advantage of glazing windows from the inside, Installers love the benefits that Z transoms provide, including speeding up fitting time and providing an easier option for remedial work without the need for scaffolding.

Prestige Reverse Butt Joint
Installation Advantages
Save on labour and installation costs

The reverse butt joint allows windows to be glazed internally, which on larger commercial projects saves time and also helps reduce significant costs such as scaffolding hire.

Easier Installations

Precision joints are designed for straightforward internally glazed installations using clip-in pre-gasketed beads. Making fitting quicker and more efficient.

Improved Appearance

Clean, simple aesthetics mean installers can achieve a premium look with Sheerlines Prestige reverse butt joints, contributing to the overall visual appeal of the windows and helping ensure customer satisfaction.

Save Time on Remedial Work

Our patented reverse butt joints also save time and expense if any remedial work is required as re-glazing can be done from inside the property.

Simplified Assembly

No wedge gaskets or shuffle beads are required when installing windows featuring the Z transom.

Prestige Reverse Butt Joint Brochure

Introducing our NEW Prestige Reverse Butt Joint