Prestige Doors

Innovative, high performance single and French doors
Introducing the Prestige Range

The Prestige door range is a thermally efficient 72/80mm system, accommodating a wide range of styles and featuring a full depth Eurogroove, giving you the maximum choice in hardware options. Available in the same range of 12 colours as the rest of the Sheerline range.

Key Features
Efficient Fabrication

Our patented corner assembly method allows windows to be made on one bench, once cutting and milling has taken place, saving time. Scrap levels are also drastically reduced, saving you money.

Perfect Corners

Beautiful, repeatable corners that are tuneable, eliminating misaligned frames - all thanks to our patented corner assembly.

3 Part M Thresholds

Prestige features three Part M compliant door thresholds. Door frames easily fix to these thresholds using a universal moulding that’s hidden from view from the outside.

Full depth Eurogroove

Full depth Eurogroove accommodates a wide range of standard fenestration hardware. Both window & door lock cases are also fully enclosed and don’t break through into the glazing, or beading area.

Outstanding Thermal Performance

Prestige’s Thermlock® core provides exceptional thermal performance using closed-cell, insulating chambers to create class leading thermal performance, far superior to traditional polyamide thermal breaks.

Maximum compatibility with a 35mm backset

Door sashes also support SFS 3D face mounted PAS24 hinges and the door midrail accommodates standard letterplates. Doors can also be manufactured with continuous thresholds that continue across any sidelights for neater installations.

Benefits of the Prestige System

Prestige combines aluminium’s clean lines with exceptional thermal performance for up to an A+ Window Energy Rating.* Our innovative Thermlock® multi-chamber thermal design, hidden away inside each window and door, helps keep properties well insulated against the worst of the UK weather. This closed-cell, insulating chamber acts as a thermal break and works in conjunction with high performance glazing to create class leading thermal performance, far superior to traditional polyamide thermal breaks. Sheerline’s cills also feature this same technology coupled with innovative in-built weather sealing keeping draughts and rain safely outside.

Low Thresholds

Prestige features three Part M compliant door thresholds. Allowing easy access and eliminating trip hazards. Door frames fix to these thresholds using a universal moulding that’s hidden from view from the outside. A cover strip continues the high end aesthetics, hiding the fixings, but can be slid under the moulding to aid removal if required.

Patented Construction

Our patented construction method – using threaded screws to bind corners tightly together – helps eliminate misaligned corner issues that can occur on ordinary aluminium frames. Allowing each Sheerline window to be individually hand tuned to perfection. This innovative corner jointing method also does away with the need for crimping and specialised machinery and drastically reduces waste. Larger frames can also be assembled in situ if required.

Styling Options

Sheerline aluminium doors are available in a choice of two opening sash styles; ‘Stepped’ – inspired by traditional steel windows – and ‘Contemporary’ with a more modern minimalist aesthetic. As all our systems share common components and are designed with consistent aesthetics and features, ou can confidently specify from across our range of products.Confident that aesthetics, colours, styles and sightlines will match perfectly across a project.

Made in Britain
A range of contemporary colours

Our Prestige range of windows and doors are available in eight powder coated matt colours, as well as a high gloss white with the option of choosing a different colour for the interior to help you find the look that is perfect for your property. A further three anodised finishes are available for the ultimate durable and stylish finish.

“Please note; due to the nature of the manufacturing process and the differences in the methods used to represent these colours on screen we cannot guarantee an exact colour match with the colours shown. The RAL colour references are also provided as a guide only.’‘

Clip Together Ancillaries
Integrated System

Sheerline’s cills, ancillaries and corner posts, also feature Thermlock® technology coupled with innovative in-built weather sealing that keep draughts and rain safely outside, help eliminate any condensation issues caused by cold bridging, and reduce the need for onsite sealing. All based on a common chassis helping to reduce product complexity. This innovative clip together approach also means dual colours are easy to assemble and stock utilisation is improved.

5 Days from Stock

Manufactured in the UK, we design and make every aluminium and moulded component so we have the control to offer you unbeatable service. Sheerline profiles are available in five working days from a stocked range of 12 colours.

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