Sheerline for Installers

Easy to install, high quality aluminium products offering class leading performance

Sheerline’s aluminium windows and doors have been designed to remove many of the frustrations installers have with aluminium products. Plus shorter lead times on a wide range of 12 stocked colours, including dual colours, gives you a clear sales advantage.

Installer Benefits
Fewer remedial issues

A host of features including our patented corner technology and beadless Classic system drastically cut down on remedial site issues. The Classic system also features beadless glazing - eliminating missing glazing issues.

Faster installation

Our ultra slim Classic system features beadless glazing, eliminating the need for onsite wedge gasketing, helping you get installations done in record time.

Outstanding thermal performance

Sheerline's Classic double glazed windows, with standard high performance glazing have a U-value as low as 1.4 W/(m2K).

While our Prestige windows are as low as 1.0W/(m2K) when specified with triple glazing, also achieving an A+ WER (Win-dow Energy Rating)

Slim Architectural Sightlines

Ultra slim 59mm sightlines of the innovative Classic window system maximises the light flooding into customers homes, giving them the architectural aluminium look they are looking for.

Reliable supply on shorter leadtimes

With an integrated system design and our own UK based manufacturing, Sheerline products are available on shorter leadtimes - helping you meet customer’s deadlines - even on dual colour specifications.

Colour range

All our windows and doors are stocked in eight powder coated, matt colours, along with a high gloss white option and can be chosen with a different interior colour on standard leadtimes. A further three anodised finishes are available for the ultimate durable and stylish finish.

Unique Construction

Our patented corner jointing method does away with the need for crimping and specialised machinery, drastically reducing waste and improving quality. Allowing for easy replacement of sealed units on site if required. Larger frames can also be assembled in situ if required.


Our unique Thermlock® closed-cell, insulating chamber, hidden away inside every Sheerline window and door act as a thermal break, creating products with class leading thermal performance.
Sheerline’s cills, ancillaries and corner posts, also feature this same technology coupled with innovative in-built weather sealing that keep draughts and rain safely outside.
No element of the Sheerline system has been overlooked, which helps eliminate any condensation issues caused by cold bridging.

Beautiful corners

Our patented construction method – using threaded screws to bind corners tightly together in perfect unison – allows the Classic system to be beadless, creating perfect run through mitres on internal joints, doing away with the unsightly junctions of square cut beads seen on most aluminium windows.
We’ve also designed out the stepping of misaligned corners, allowing each Sheerline window to be individually hand tuned to improve quality.

Made in Britain
Installation benefits
Hanging a Classic sash and deglazing

Designed, made and delivered by Sheerline

Manufactured in the UK, we design and make every aluminium and moulded component so we have the control to offer unbeatable and responsive service. Helping give you ultra-reliable supply and drastically cutting down on leadtimes from your fabricator.

Technical Support

Our experienced team of Technical Sales Managers are available to provide guidance and resolve any queries or issues that arise, as well as helping you find the right fabricator for your needs.

Research and Development

Our team have investigated the limitations and flaws of current designs in fabrication, installation and sales, developing innovations to overcome them – and the limitations and frustrations of aluminium supply.

They examined every aspect of aluminium windows and doors from performance and looks, to how they’re made, installed, and supplied. They’ve re-engineered the aluminium window from the ground up – and every component of the system has been developed in-house to be made in house. The Technical team consists of 6 full time staff with a combined window experience approaching 200 years.

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