Prestige Bi-folds

Beautiful aesthetics with exceptional thermal performance.
Stylish, secure and sustainable

Beautifully balanced aluminium bi-folds

Open up your home and fill it with natural light

Prestige bi-folds enable you to open up and transform your home. Providing that all important flexibility to enjoy your indoor and outdoor space as one. Combining the refined, architectural look of aluminium and the latest thermal and security technology, leaving you with beautifully balanced bi-folding doors. Bi-folding doors should maximise the light flooding into your home, and the enjoyment of your garden or patio. Bringing an improved sense of space and creating panoramic views that can transform interiors. They also need to offer reliable operation, while keeping heating bills low, and would-be intruders out. That is why we have designed our Prestige bi-folds to offer you the perfect balance of refined looks, exceptional thermal performance and outstanding operation.

Made in Britain
Available in a choice of two styles

These slim, perfectly balanced bi-folds are available in stepped and contemporary ‘flat-faced’ styles, in configurations up to 7 panes wide.

Exceptional thermal performance with Thermlock® technology

Our innovative Thermlock® multi-chamber thermal design, hidden away inside each Prestige bi-folding door, helps keep you well insulated against the worst of the UK weather. These closed-cell, insulating chambers act as thermal breaks, working in conjunction with high performance glazing to create class leading thermal performance, far superior to traditional polyamide thermal breaks.

Double glazed 1.4 U-value, triple glazed 1.0

Thermal transmittance, also known as a U-value (W/(m²K), measures the rate of transfer of heat. The better-insulated your bi-folding door is, the lower the U-value will be. Available with up to 44mm triple glazing for the ultimate thermal performance. Triple glazing can also provide exceptional acoustic dampening to block out unwanted noise. * Triple glazed U-value for stepped sashes 1.1

Four threshold options - all fully weather sealed

Prestige bi-folds come with four threshold options all featuring fully weather-sealed rebates that keep the worst of the British weather safely outside. These rebates also ensure doors aren’t over-centred during operation, helping locks to engage correctly.

Bring the outside in

Prestige bi-folds can help soften boundaries, creating an increased sense of space and a seamless transition between your garden and the inside of your home.

Slim, equal 138mm sash-to-sash sightlines ensure light bathes your interiors, even when your doors are closed. Giving you bright airy interiors no matter what style or configuration you choose.

Also available as single and French doors

Available up to 6.5m wide and up to 2.6m tall, the system also accommodates single and French doors, letting you create a unified look to your home.

Depending on the layout of your room you can choose to have your doors split, left and right, or have them all sliding to one side. Including a single ‘traffic’ door in your configuration is a great way to create an everyday entrance for when the weather’s not so good.

A range of contemporary colours
Beautifully balanced bi-folds

Slim, equal 138mm sash-to-sash sightlines ensure light bathes your interiors, even when your doors are closed. Giving you bright airy interiors no matter what style or configuration you choose.   Our Prestige range of bi-folding doors are available in nine powder coated colours, with the option of choosing a different colour for the interior to help you find the look that is perfect for your property. A further three anodised finishes are available for the ultimate durable and stylish finish.

Discrete locking

French doors include an integral finger pull lock eliminating the need for a second handle – continuing the clean, minimal aesthetics. A mishandling device also ensures doors are locked in the correct order.

Slimline internal handles

Slimline internal handles continue the clean lines of the Prestige bi-fold, folding away when not in use. Flush styling also perfectly matches flush Classic and Prestige windows, creating a unified look across your property.

Balanced aesthetics

Custom designed single rollers eliminate the need for floating mullions. Ensuring that whatever your style of door, our bi-folds have consistent 138mm sightlines between sashes, creating our trademark balanced look.

Outstanding security features built into every bi-fold, keeping you and your home safe

From bespoke Winkhaus Thunderbolt locks, to custom-designed VBH hardware, every element of the Prestige bi-fold has been designed to keep you and your home secure. All our lock options, including our high security Ultion lock upgrade – offer anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-pick protection while our patented corner jointing method creates exceptionally strong frames, maximising the inherent strength of Sheerline’s aluminium construction. 

Full length interlocks

Prestige bi-folds use full length security interlocks on applicable door styles, to protect doors from would-be intruders. So if you are looking for extra peace of mind as standard – we have you covered.

Bespoke hardware, proven designs

We’ve partnered with industry experts to source the very best bespoke hardware based on proven ‘tried and tested’ designs. Including a unique Ultion folding key and lock combination. All hardware is covered by suppliers’ 10-year guarantees

Quality components for flawless operation

Every element of the Prestige bi-fold has been engineered to operate perfectly. One-piece stainless steel tracks in the head and threshold ensure smooth and reliable rolling of the sashes, while hinges rated to 120kg help keep every sash perfectly aligned during operation. No aspect of the door has been overlooked  and we even use unique tri-material gaskets that feature a low-friction coating for smooth performance and reliable sealing.

Smooth gliding track and rollers

One-piece stainless steel tracks in the head and threshold incorporate concealed drainage and ensure smooth and reliable operation, while VBH hinges rated to 120kg help keep every sash perfectly aligned during use.

Concealed drainage

Our doors also feature clever concealed drainage, eliminating the need for unsightly drainage cover caps.

Patented construction method

Our patented construction method provides unparalleled levels of strength and security, while also helping eliminate misaligned corners. It even allows outer frames to be constructed on-site if there are access issues.

Made in Britain
Prestige bi-fold brochure

Your guide to Sheerline's innovative, thermally efficient aluminium bi-fold

Our integrated approach

With a shared design philosophy, and built around the same ingenious and unique engineering principles, Sheerline’s aluminium systems are designed be used seamlessly together. So rest safe in the knowledge that aesthetics, colours, styles and sightlines will match perfectly across your home.

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