Garnalex counts down to Sheerline launch

A series of videos from Garnalex, the company that aims to improve the aluminium window and door market with its innovative Sheerline ® systems, are now rolling out on social media in preparation for the Sheerline launch at the end of Q1 2020. The weekly videos start with a
tour of the now fully operational state-of-the-art factory. Fabricators and installers can see how Garnalex is setting new standards in the production of aluminium window and door systems, before moving on to how they are ordered, delivered, fabricated and installed.

CEO Roger Hartshorn comments on the videos: “We invested £9m in Garnalex to ensure that efficiency, quality, innovation and service are built into its foundations. Watching the videos, fabricators and installers can see how we’re doing it. The latest video from the series ‘The most modern aluminium factory in the UK’ is called ‘The furnace’.

“The response to the videos from the industry has been fantastic. Similar in fact to the level of interest in Sheerline,” concludes Roger.

Visit @SheerlineSystem on Twitter or LinkedIn at Sheerline Aluminium Systems to watch the videos and learn more about the Sheerline System.