Listers in the vanguard of Sheerline launch partners

Listers, the specialist supplier of high-quality windows and doors to the trade, is one of the first Sheerline launch partners to supply Sheerline’s ground-breaking Classic aluminium window and door system.

Designed from the ground up, Sheerline Classic is an ultra-secure, ultra slim, beadless aluminium system that offers exceptional performance combined with beautiful aesthetics. At the heart of the new system is Sheerline’s patented corner jointing method, making it easy and quick to fabricate beautiful, easily repeatable corners, time and time again. According to Listers, Sheerline is the ideal new system to help their customers sell more, with premium, installer-friendly features designed to appeal to homeowners.

Roy Frost, Group Managing Director of GJB and Listers, explains: “It’s great to be at the start of the Sheerline journey. Sheerline is aluminium delivered in a PVC-U system way: simple, clever design that’s easy to fabricate, with a host of product innovations. Aesthetically, the windows are exactly what today’s homeowners are looking for, with a choice of beautiful colours and the thermal performance to match.

“Sheerline support has been first class, something that’s typically lacking in aluminium suppliers but is very important to fabricators and installers. The simplicity of the Sheerline system is great. Fewer components mean we have to carry less stock than other systems. Sheerline Classic comes in 12 colours from stock, which is unheard of in aluminium and a huge advantage, allowing us to pass on very short lead times to customers.

“Our installers are very excited. Customers ‘get it’ and love how easy Sheerline is to install, and that it will be delivered in a sustainable way. Demand is growing for aluminium, and Sheerline will be a game changer in the market.”

Garnalex CEO, Roger Hartshorn, adds: “Having Listers on board is a great start to our mission of making life easier and better for fabricators and installers. As Roy implied, for years aluminium fabricators and installers have had to put up with limited product development and poor service. We launched Sheerline Classic and Prestige to fill this gap in the market, and we have further exciting developments in the pipeline.”

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