Sheerline Classic: designed to help fabricators grow

Covid-19 has changed everyday lives beyond measure. Maybe we could have been more alert or better prepared but, as in most countries, the crisis came out of the blue and caught us by surprise. The economy is starting to recover, and I’m confident and optimistic about the industry and Garnalex. We’re likely to see a surge in home improvements after lockdown as people are motivated to make their properties more comfortable and attractive. The predicted downturn in the housing market may also encourage people to ‘improve, not move’. No doubt it will be a tougher, more competitive market and ambitious fabricators and installers will be looking for an edge to help them rebuild their businesses. They’ll be looking for new products that save time, labour, and hassle, with extra kerb appeal to help them grow.

At the time of writing, Garnalex is easing out of lockdown and the industry is returning to life. Garnalex is producing trade extrusions, and from mid-June selected fabricators will be fabricating our innovative Sheerline ® Classic aluminium window system. We’ll have a full launch later this year.

Transforming your experience of aluminium:
Despite my PVC background, I’m a convert to aluminium, the material, and its design possibilities. When COVID-19 has receded, homeowners will still be concerned about sustainability, where aluminium scores highly. It’s one of the most recycled – and recyclable – materials on the planet, with nearly 75% of all the aluminium produced still in use today. When I first looked at aluminium systems, I could see many things we could improve. Apart from thermal performance, I was surprised at the lack of significant product development and innovation since the 1980s. In contrast, PVC-U and timber have both markedly improved their looks and performance. Listening to former customers’ experience of aluminium suppliers’ service whetted my interest. They said if I were to improve the design and offer the same service as PVC systems companies, the aluminium market would be transformed.

We formed Garnalex in 2018, investing significantly in a state-of-the-art aluminium extrusion factory – probably the most advanced in the UK. We manufacture every aluminium and moulded component, giving us much more control over quality and service. Made in Britain, means we have a more robust supply chain and fewer carbon miles to travel. We developed GarnerSys, a bespoke software management system to fully integrate everything from ordering, manufacturing, quality control and deliveries and put outstanding quality and customer service at the core of our business. Our designers and top technical experts researched every aspect of today’s aluminium windows and doors, from fabrication, installation, looks and performance, to identify and solve the shortcomings of existing aluminium systems. With no legacy problems to limit them, the team designed a new system from scratch, incorporating several innovations to create outstanding windows and doors. Engineered for performance and looks Sheerline ® is engineered to be easy and faster to fabricate, and easy to install. For example, its patented corner construction brings profiles together in a controlled and precise manner to form a right-first-time mitre joint, avoiding costly scrap, misalignments, and unsightly junctions of square cut beads often seen on ordinary aluminium windows.

It also securely locks the glass away within a completely sealed unit and eliminates the need for separate glazing beads. Coupled with our high security multipoint locking and unique hinge protectors, it creates unparalleled security. Sheerline Classic recently passed PAS24:2016 enhanced security accreditation tests by more than three times the required load. Sheerline’s innovative design helps fabricators working to social distancing guidelines. After cutting and prepping, a single worker can fabricate a Sheerline window fully glazed at one bench. Installers also reduce the amount of suppliers they need to visit as the frames come fully glazed.

Outstanding thermal performance:
Various surveys show cutting energy bills is one of the top priorities for homeowners buying new windows. Using Thermavic ® , we developed a patented multi-chambered thermal break at the heart of Sheerline windows and doors. It gives outstanding energy performance with U-Values as low as 1.4 W/(m 2 K) for double glazed windows.

Peerless aesthetics:
Today’s homeowners want it all: outstanding thermal, weather, and security performance, plus beautiful looks without compromise. So, we’ve designed Sheerline to be a beautiful window. Sheerline Classic has ultra-slim 59mm profiles to maximise natural light, equal sightlines, and a contemporary architectural look. Narrow mullions and concealed drainage also contribute to clean, balanced lines. Homeowners want windows that reflect their personal style, so we’ve designed Sheerline windows in a choice of two opening sash styles: ‘Stepped’ – inspired by traditional steel windows – and ‘Contemporary’ with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Both styles come in a standard outer frame or a ‘Flush’ option that brings both the outer-frame and the sash perfectly in-line with each other. Making everything in the UK also lets us offer short, reliable lead times and outstanding service in a wide range of colours from stock.

If your sales could do with an edge to give you a boost, ask about the full launch later this year. Learn more at and follow @SheerlineSystem.