Sheerline Classic making installers’ lives easier

Sheerline Classic System

Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn says Sheerline Classic has been designed with installer benefits that include fast, easy installation to minimise remedial work and call-backs.

As a passionate convert to aluminium and its potential, I was surprised by the lack of significant product development compared to PVC-U. Service also fell short. Often the answer to my questions about poor service, product finish or the amount of waste was “That’s just how it’s done in aluminium”.

So, we set up Garnalex in 2018 with a mission to improve product and service and shake up the aluminium market. Our designers and top technical experts looked at every aspect of aluminium windows and doors, from fabrication, installation, looks and all-round performance to transform their experience of aluminium.

For installers, we’ve developed an aluminium window system with clever features that make installation easier and more controllable to minimise remedial site visits. Sheerline Classic launched in July with a host of installer benefits including:

Fast, trouble-free installation

  • Sheerline’s unique, patented corner construction brings profiles together in a controlled and precise manner to form a right-first-time mitre joint for perfect corners and a high-end finish. This construction method also allows larger outer frames to be taken to site in kit form for on-site assembly, where access or transportation is an issue.
  • One-man installation: Sheerline’s patented clip-in hinge supports holds the sash in the correct position while the hinge is screwed securely in place. This means, subject to safe handling limits, sashes can be installed easily by a single fitter.
  • Sheerline Classic is supplied pre-glazed to reduce installation time on-site. Glass is delivered protected in the frames to reduce the risk of glass damage and missing sealed units. It also reduces the number of suppliers installers need.
  • Easy glass adjustment: Sheerline’s integral glass adjustment device, pre-tensioned in the factory, allows for any toe and heeling to be carried out on-site with a simple Allen key.
  • Neater finish: the back face of Sheerline cills sit perfectly in-line with the window frame for a flush finish, eliminating the small ‘lip’ commonly seen at the back of windows sat on cills. Instead, there’s a perfect edge to create a plumb installation for neater internal finishes, even when used with cavity closures.
  • Sheerline’s co-extruded weather seals on cills and other ancillaries minimise the use of silicone sealing, saving time and money on-site. This also ensures more consistent, reliable, weatherproof installations that cut the risk of call-backs.

Top security, energy performance and beautiful looks

Successful installers sell products their customers want to buy. For today’s discerning homeowners, that means windows with top performance and beautiful looks. Sheerline Classic combines performance and aesthetics with:

  • Outstanding security: Sheerline’s unique construction securely locks the glass away within a completely sealed unit and removes the need for separate glazing beads. Coupled with high security multipoint locking and unique hinge protectors, Sheerline Classic achieves unparalleled security and passed PAS24:2016 by a large margin. The window is also available with Secured By Design accreditation.
  • Energy efficiency: Using Thermavic®, we developed a patented multi-chambered thermal break at the heart of Sheerline windows and doors that gives outstanding energy performance with U-Values as low as 1.4 W/(m2K) for double glazed windows.
  • Beautiful looks: Sheerline Classic has been designed to look good from all angles. Ultra-slim 59mm profiles help maximise natural light and equal sightlines, narrow mullions and concealed drainage give clean, balanced lines for a contemporary architectural finish.
  • Choice. Sheerline windows come in a choice of two opening sash styles: ‘Stepped’ – inspired by traditional steel windows – and ‘Contemporary’ with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Both styles come in a standard outer frame or a ‘Flush’ option that brings the outer-frame and sash perfectly in-line with each other. Classic comes in a choice of 11 standard colours including three anodised colours, and a range of bespoke and dual colour options. Profile is available in just 5 working days on standard colours and 10 working days on bespoke colours, enabling fabricators to offer shorter lead times to installers.

Discover more about Sheerline and its installer benefits from our series of informative, upscale videos at It’s clear when you watch them why they’re also powerful sales aids for installers!

Sheerline Classic is available through selected fabricators from July. Our main window and door system, Sheerline Prestige, will launch later this summer. More details soon! Learn more about Prestige by following @SheerlineSystem and @GarnalexSystems.

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