SheerVent: A Flush Intelligent Roof Vent for Sheerline’s S1 Lantern

Sheerline has announced the launch of SheerVent, a revolutionary roof vent for the S1 lantern. It offers an innovative approach to ventilation that doesn’t compromise on the stylish and modern aesthetic associated with the award winning aluminium glazed roof.

Designed to enhance Sheerline’s award-winning S1 roof lantern, SheerVent can not only be specified on new projects but can even be retrofitted to existing installations. With a sleek minimalist design, the intelligent roof window sits flush with S1’s rafter bars unlike alternatives that sit on top of the bars. Creating an almost invisible roof vent when closed – for a truly beautiful finished product.

Customers have the option to upgrade to powered actuators to create an automated intelligent ventilation system. This can be further enhanced by discreet sensors, which can be installed away from the lantern to monitor for rain, wind, and light, giving customers peace of mind if the weather suddenly changes.

Unlike traditional vents, SheerVent does not require the use of muntin bars and offers reliability without the risk of leaks and water ingress. The product is fully thermally broken and uses the same high-performance 28mm glazing as the S1, ensuring spaces are cosy in winter and cool in summer.

This enables customers to create bright, airy living spaces with a consistent aesthetic throughout the home – a trend that has grown in popularity over the past few years and continues to be an attractive option for both renovation and new build projects.

Another popular feature SheerVent offers – as with all Sheerline products – is colour choice. Customers can choose from a standard colour range as well as opting for custom or dual colours depending on their needs.

SheerVent is currently being manufactured in-house by Sheerline to ensure the company’s stringent quality processes are met before it is rolled out to fabricator customers across the country. There is already a waiting list in place for customers who wish to supply the product.

Also revealed at FIT Show 2023 was Sheerline’s new 3 Way option, which adds even more styles to the S1 roof lantern. It includes the same aesthetic style and appeal of the 2 and 4 way designs but gives customers an option for wider roofs that don’t rely on jack rafters.

S1 includes in-built security features as standard, is stylish with clean, crisp lines and deep internal rafter and ridge bars to create the popular architectural aesthetic, all while offering exceptional thermal performance.

Roger Hartshorn, Sheerline CEO, said: “SheerVent was hugely popular when we unveiled it at FIT Show 2023. It’s the next phase in the evolution of one of our most popular products – the S1 roof lantern. Customers often ask us about ventilation options that don’t compromise on the overall quality and look of the roof lantern.”

“With SheerVent, we’ve achieved this thanks to our continual investment in both our equipment and products. We’re committed to overcoming the issues traditionally associated with aluminium products to ensure Sheerline keeps its’ competitive edge, and our customers remain happy,” he added.