The fenestration industry is changing, and it’s being powered by innovation

We’re seeing a shift towards sustainability and energy efficiency across the construction sector and it’s more than a corporate social responsibility ploy. We’re all far more conscious of our environmental impact these days as the effects of global warming start to be make themselves felt.

However, the other perhaps more pressing motivator for homeowners at present is the energy crisis, which has resulted in heating bills skyrocketing, and disposable incomes coming under attack from inflationary pressures. While the more premium end of the renovation market remains more insulated against economic turbulence than most – even this demographic is keeping a close eye on their energy bills.

With an uncertain outlook, homeowners are aiming to become more self-reliant, whether they’re increasing their home’s energy efficiency through thermally efficient windows and doors or embracing solar panels and other green energy sources, with consumers wanting financial freedom and security. This motivation goes hand in hand with the government’s move towards the 2025 Future Homes and Buildings Standard, which aims to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

The only way manufacturers can keep pace with the ever-changing needs of an increasingly demanding market is by embracing new innovations that help fabricators and installers achieve homeowners’ sustainability and energy efficiency goals, while keeping their projects within budget and on time.

All of Sheerline’s aluminium systems are based around the company’s unique innovative technologies, designed to offer its customers more energy efficient products that don’t compromise on style, security, or availability and ease of fabrication and installation.

Thermlock®: For warm homes that don’t cost the Earth

Sheerline was developed to overcome many of the existing issues within the aluminium industry, bringing levels of thermal performance and agile service more traditionally seen in the best of the PVC-U market, but coupled to the higher aesthetic and quality standards expected in the world of aluminium. This included breaking up with polyamide thermal breaks, which simply don’t make the cut when it comes to energy efficiency.

Every product developed by Sheerline was built to be future proofed. So, it’s not surprising that the company created its’ own thermal break technology to increase the energy efficiency of its’ aluminium windows and doors, while also ensuring they are ready for future legislative changes.

Thermlock® technology is unique to Sheerline and utilises multiple insulating chambers to offering an invisible thermal layer that prevents heat from escaping through the glazing in windows and doors. Thermlock is also more stable and less conductive than polyamide, adding rigidity as well as performance to profiles.

When coupled with modern high-performance glazing, homeowners can benefit from more thermally efficient homes, just by updating their windows and doors. And this is true regardless of whether they have opted for a large-scale showpiece roof lantern, bi-fold doors that are the length of the entire kitchen/dining area, or large picture windows.

Self-generate Energy Ratings and U-values in seconds: Introducing Sheerline’s Thermal Calculator

Sheerline prides itself on being an installer and fabricator-focused company, meaning it is keen to provide its’ customers with the best possible support, alongside award winning innovative products. Which is why Sheerline’s in-house R&D team have developed an easy-to-use Thermal Calculator exclusively for its’ fabricators.

The proprietary software produces Certass endorsed results for U-values and Energy Ratings aligned to the Certass Thermal Rating Register. This gives customers peace of mind as the accreditation is legally recognised, reflecting the fact Sheerline has developed a simple yet effective system that demonstrates the energy efficiency of various profile and glass combinations across the entire Sheerline range.

This clever software enables fabricators to self-generate specific thermal ratings for all windows and doors within Sheerline’s Classic and Prestige ranges in as little as 30 seconds.

This includes the product range, sash feature, whether the product is a window, door or bi-fold along with the frame type. Once fabricators have input these details, they can check their Part-L compliance within seconds while creating labels for the products they are fabricating.

It is a legal requirement that installers supply and fit windows that are not only fit for purpose but are also Part L compliant. There may be instances where installers are required to provide evidence to prove the products they supply are compliant – this powerful tool puts that information at fabricators fingertips.

Thoughts for the future

Sheerline is helping its’ customers to create cosy homes that are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so they can enjoy beautiful, light, airy spaces that are energy, and importantly, cost-efficient both now and in the future. 

Energy efficiency is not simply a trend that will come and go but is here to stay, unlike systems companies and fabricators who cannot keep pace with consumers changing demands.

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