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SheerVent®: Bringing Roof Lantern Ventilation into the 21st Century.

Aluminium roof lanterns have grown in popularity over the past few years for many reasons – they flood living spaces with natural light, making any space appear bigger and brighter, and they create statement, architectural design features in a home.

And with S1, Sheerline’s stylish, secure, and sustainable roof lantern, homeowners have always had lots of customisable options to tailor this popular design trend to their exact needs. From features such as integral LED lighting channels, customisable paint options and 13 different roof styles. But the one question we’ve been asked a lot since the launch of our award-winning S1 roof lantern is if there is an option to add ventilation?

Customer feedback is vitally important to us – it plays a crucial role in our design process, and we knew that adding a way of incorporating ventilation into the lantern structure was the next step in the evolution of the S1 for us. Having looked carefully at all the possibilities, we knew we needed to make it integrate flawlessly with the streamlined low-level looks that help separate S1 from the competition.

The result? SheerVent®: our fresh approach to ventilation.

What’s different about SheerVent®?

In the past, ventilation has been an afterthought in roof systems. This has been reflected in the fact that many roof vents look like they have simply been placed on top of the roof lantern – they aren’t subtle or stylish, they standout – literally.

We’ve purposely created a consistent design aesthetic across the Sheerline brand to enable homeowners to perfectly match our products throughout their home in terms of the appearance, colour, finish, styling, and warranties. And we designed S1 to carry that same design ethos.

SheerVent® is different to every other ventilation system on the market – it is stylish in appearance, and doesn’t compromise on the practical, innovative features Sheerline’s customers have come to know and appreciate.

What features does SheerVent® offer?

It sits flush with the S1’s rafter bars and doesn’t use muntin bars, so it’s a subtle addition. Closed it follows the same simple unified aesthetics as the rest of our aluminium lantern. And is available in standard, custom, and dual colour options depending on the requirements of each project.

Available in widths up to 1m, and with a high-quality manual opening mechanism as standard. SheerVent® is fully thermally broken and integrates beautifully with our standard lantern system.

One of the best features, however, is the fact the system can be automated by opting for intelligent powered actuators. With the addition of discreet weather sensors (rain, or rain, wind, and light), homeowners have peace of mind that the system will be easy to use and reliable. Automatically closing when required.

Another bonus is that it can be fitted retrospectively, so past customers with an existing S1 roof lantern can upgrade and add ventilation, if the design is compatible. It uses the same high-performance glazing as the rest of the S1, and is factory finished to ensure it offers reliable ventilation without the risk of leaks.

Why ventilation? And why now?

The evolution of S1, helps us maintain our competitive edge and differentiate our roof lantern from other products available. After all, the S1 is award-winning and one of very few lanterns to have achieved the widely recognised Secured by Design accreditation.

We’ve also been approached by other systems companies who were interested in SheerVent®. But we’re committed to keeping Sheerline products for Sheerline customers. Helping them build a competitive edge on their competition.

Light, bright, airy living spaces are more than just a trend. For many homeowners, roof lanterns, big statement picture windows and patio doors are a lifestyle choice. They are choosing to create living spaces that work for them and their families, while helping them to better connect with nature and the great outdoors.

Adding ventilation to a S1 lantern via SheerVent® allows homeowners to benefit from increased airflow. Giving them a way to cool their beautiful living spaces in our increasingly warm summers, while reducing condensation build-up in kitchen/diner extensions. Yet another practical innovation from Sheerline! Choosing to automate the system makes life even simpler, so homeowners can enjoy the spaces they’ve worked hard to create while making them even better to live with.

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